Meet Brian Lich, Senior SEO Specialist

Brian Lich is a Senior SEO Specialist at Volume Nine who has been involved with nearly all things digital throughout his career. Ranging from account management to paid search campaigns, Brian has varied experience in online marketing, but is most at home when strategizing SEO.

Brian is the secret weapon behind many of our complex B2B accounts as well as our enterprise level accounts.

He jumps at the chance to work through site architecture updates, link strategies and content development for clients both big and small.

Active in the outdoors, you can find Brian cycling, fly-fishing, climbing or running. For outdoor brands and gear manufacturers in need of SEO help, Brian’s hobbies and digital experience make the perfect pair.

Random Facts

Years of Marketing Experience: 6

What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?

The Dark Knight. I have yet to grow out of my Batman obsession (and likely never will), that began during childhood. This has been my favorite representation of the character and I could (maybe I already do) watch it daily.

What is your favorite website/s to waste time on?

What is the best advertising campaign you’ve seen or heard about?

Unsurprisingly, Batman makes another appearance in my bio. During post-production on The Dark Knight, a viral campaign launched that included fake Gotham City newspapers, political campaigns, radio broadcasts and more. It was spectacular.

What is your favorite viral YouTube video? (please provide the name and link)

The falling grape lady is among the best things the internet has ever provided. I hope she is okay.

What’s the weirdest Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
A beach-themed Ken doll. No thanks.