Digital Marketing for Travel & Tourism

Your travel or tourism brand has one job: get people to go places. If only it were that easy, right? The travel and tourism industry has evolved in recent years, with the customer experience now starting with an online search, rather than arrival at the destination. But tourism is still a massive source of revenue, both for the destination and the agencies that drive people to visit. That’s why it’s more critical than ever that travel and tourism agencies focus on their online presence — and their digital marketing. 

Each agency or travel service has its own set of struggles, whether it’s a lack of awareness of a destination, creating attractive experiences that call to travelers, or losing bookings to third-party OTAs and mass booking sites. If you’re working within a DMO, you also have a big job: promote an entire area and all that it has to offer. This involves extensive campaign work, a highly active social media presence, and targeted ads to build awareness. As for travel agencies, attracting customers who want the experience you provide means… well, letting them know about the experiences you provide. 

Getting seen in search, competing for booking revenue with third-party booking sites, and losing authority to sites like make it hard to be seen as the go-to resource for your location or experience. You know that establishing your brand as the authority in your destination or travel service is the best way to convert “lookers” into “bookers,” but there’s a lot of ground to cover. 

Digital Marketing from a Team of Travelers

In the travel and tourism industry, your brand needs a marketing strategy as unique as your destination or service. That’s why V9 takes the time, upfront, to work with your team to create a custom digital marketing plan that addresses your pain points, builds on your current strengths, and offers support in areas you’re currently developing.

Our travel and tourism team also work with you to hone in on your ideal customer personas to ensure that all your messaging, advertising, and content is designed to speak specifically to them and what they want from a travel experience. From there, we’ll help you create content plans, ad strategies, social media content, and brand awareness campaigns that really resonate with those personas.

We also recognize that search and social media have taken over the travel/tourism space. Collaboratively, we’ll make sure that you’re seen as an authority in your destination or service, and that people are sharing their experiences. 

  • Tired of showing up on Page 2 for your destination? Our SEO savants can help optimize your site, create a content strategy, and devise a plan to get you seen in search for target keywords.
  • Know people are talking about your brand, but don’t know how to share it? Let’s create social influence and user-generated content campaigns that kick up travelers’ wanderlust.
  • Want to tell people all about your service or destination? We’ll help you craft a brand message and persona journeys that speak to travelers looking for exactly what you’ve got to offer.

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Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness on social media or needing to drive more traffic from search engines, we’re here to help you connect with your audience and hit those strategic goals.

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