Noah Hester

Digital Marketing Strategist

About Noah

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, Noah focuses on making an impact and connection with each client he works with. He enjoys that digital marketing is a fun and unique landscape that is constantly evolving. His favorite part about working at Volume Nine is how much care and thought are put into each client, which aligns perfectly with his favorite marketing quote: “The best marketing strategy ever: Care.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

Noah is from a small town in the bootheel of Missouri, where he attended Missouri State University after high school. While there, he jumped from Healthcare to Communications and finally settled on Marketing once he discovered his passion for it. He graduated in just three and a half years while working 40 hours a week and with ZERO debt (vigorous applause).

When Noah isn’t working, you can find him outside kayaking, fishing, or talking for hours about disc golf. He also loves playing board games, watching movies, or cheering on the St Louis Cardinals. He and his wife, Emily, a fifth-grade teacher, have two dachshunds, Louie and Rigby, and a big fat cat, Debby.

Random Facts

What is one important skill that you think everyone should have?
I think everyone should learn how to effectively communicate. A majority of problems we have in the world come from a breakdown of communication, and learning how to effectively communicate with one another is key.

If you could be on any game show, which would you choose?
Jeopardy, of course! Family Feud and The Amazing Race are close seconds, but I love trivia too much not to put Jeopardy at number one.

What is your best recipe?
Chicken fajita nachos I make on my Blackstone. This is my favorite meal of all time, and it’s super easy to make, but the special seasoning I have really takes them to another level.