Richard Lesher

VP of Operations

About Richard

As a VP at Volume Nine, Richard is helping to spearhead growth for the company as we focus on delivering great client services. Since graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, Richard has seen it all. His experience includes working with huge brands like Coca-Cola, all the way down to building market share with a Denver-based radio broadcasting company. Richard brings all this experience to the table at Volume Nine, finding unique solutions for 21st century problems. He really enjoys interacting with businesses and developing strategies with them, and is known for making meetings fun. 

Like many people In the industry, Richard says he stumbled into it more than anything. He was working his dream job in radio, coordinating events and promotions, but just wasn’t making enough money to make ends meet. Given his background as an English major, a neighbor asked Richard if he wanted to manage content production for a small agency. The natural next step (in his brain) was to start researching how to get users to find and read the content he was producing, so he started researching SEO and content marketing. Richard took over all marketing for the agency’s clients shortly thereafter. He joined the V9 team in 2013 and we know we’re lucky to have him.

Richard is apparently one of the last Colorado natives to still be living in the state (he’ll let you decide whether this is a good or bad attribute), and was born in Fort Carson to a military family. He is an avid movie fan, and movie musicals are a guilty pleasure of his. He also really enjoys going to sporting events as much as possible. As the different teams in Denver get better, it’s becoming a more expensive hobby, but he enjoys it nonetheless. In his spare time, Richard enjoys taking his dogs on adventures throughout Colorado.

Random Facts

What are three positive words that people often use to describe you?
Tall, Dark & Handsome

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?
Another lottery ticket

What would you do with your 15 minutes of fame? 
Ask kindly to give it back