“Just Right” SEO Audit Service

Don’t waste money on an agency to only run you through a couple of tools. Volume Nine has been optimizing websites since 2006, and our “just right” audit will give you the insights you need to get your SEO program moving in the right direction.

  • Typical Time to Complete an SEO Audit: 2-3 Weeks
  • What’s Included: Technical SEO, Competitive Analysis, SEO Trends, Content Optimization Review, Local SEO, Google Analytics / GA4, SEO Insights, SEO Punchlist

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Get An SEO Audit From SEO Experts

Don’t waste money on an agency to just run you through a couple of tools. Volume Nine has been optimizing websites since 2006, and our “just right” audit will give you the insights you need to get your SEO program moving in the right direction.



An SEO expert with years of experience will develop your analysis & roadmap.



SEO Audits are notorious for being a giant export of SEO issues. We take a comprehensive look at your SEO presence & give you a prioritized punch list of to-dos.



Have a specific question or concern? We can dive into that as part of the presentation.


Easy to Understand

Your final output is an easy-to-understand presentation with callouts & recommendations.



This audit will not only help you clean up best practices, but it will also guide you to help you stay ahead of the curve on upcoming changes in the SEO industry.



The “just right” audit findings are designed to give you a shortcut to SEO results.

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“Volume Nine’s biggest strength is its knowledgeable, technically-skilled team. They stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing trends and make tremendously innovative recommendations. I know I can rely on their knowledge base when I need a rock-solid opinion of where the industry is headed. Their SEO knowledge is outstanding.”

What’s Included in Volume Nine’s SEO Audit Service?

SEO Audit Goals and KPIs


Are you and your team on the same page (literally) about what you are trying to accomplish? We will help you focus on what matters and ensure our team provides insights based on your goals. In summary, we want to help you answer the question, “What do we need all of this to help us achieve?”


What’s included in strategic alignment? 
  • Goals / KPIS –  Clearly outline the top goals for SEO for your brand, along with the major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can measure progress towards each goal. 
  • Discovery – Understand your upcoming marketing goals/initiatives, primary audience(s), previous digital marketing experiences, and competitive landscape. 
  • Key Concerns / Questions – Document key questions/concerns you hope the audit can answer or provide insights into. 
What if I don’t know my goals very well?

Don’t worry, we’ll meet you where you are! If you need help working through what your goals really should be, we’re here to help!






SEO Audit Technical SEO


Technical SEO Audits can be intimidating. But don’t worry! We’ll look under the hood & help you understand if something is check-engine light status vs. a “nice to have” best practice.


What elements do you look at for the technical SEO portion of the audit? 
  • Indexibility – Let’s see how easily search engines can explore and showcase your content.
  • Links / URLs – We want to ensure that links seamlessly transfer users and bots to the correct location and your URL structure meets best practices.
  • Content / Content Structure – Review on-page content structure to ensure metadata, headers, and other optimization techniques are properly utilized.
  • Site Speed / Performance – Review site speed and that it meets core best practices for delivering a quick load time for users.
  • Mobile Friendliness – Review the mobile visitor experience, device responsive design, and other mobile compatibility factors.
What do you mean by “technical SEO”? 

In its most basic form, a technical SEO audit is an analysis of your website’s technical infrastructure (aka the engine of the car) to identify any problems preventing search engines from indexing or crawling your site. The goal is to ensure search engine bots can access and understand your content.






Competitive Analysis


Competitive analysis in SEO is a great way to find ways to stand out from your competition in SERPs. You don’t need to have the perfect website, but it does need to provide better answers to queries than your competitors.


What’s included in the competitive analysis portion of the SEO Audit? 

An SEO competitive analysis can give you an idea of what your competitors are doing differently than you. These insights help us devise ways to build your content and make your website more attractive to searchers & search engines.

We’ll dig into what keywords they target and how much organic traffic they generate. We’ll also understand where you have keyword overlaps vs. missing content and where your website may be out-ranking them. All of this information helps drive insights into the effectiveness of their SEO efforts & yours. From there, we can help you determine where your website may lag or where you may have the advantage.

What if none of my direct competitors are doing SEO all that well? 

Well, that is fantastic news indeed! If you don’t have a strong competitive set, we can look at aspirational websites to help ensure you stay on top of the pack.






SEO Trends Analysis


Before we can develop a strong roadmap of where to go, it’s important to look back at where the website has been. As such, we’ll take a look at how your website has been trending in SERPs and if there’s any concerning drops or lost keyword rankings that need to be explored further.


What’s included in the SEO trends analysis portion of the SEO Audit? 

The SEO trends analysis looks at the overall picture of your website performance over time. This analysis helps us uncover if there are any significant issues we need to troubleshoot (e.g., a substantial loss in traffic after a website relaunch). Trends analysis also helps us understand where Search Engines may already see your brand as an authority.

For this analysis, we’ll look at your overall organic traffic trends, organic rankings trends, and finally, which topic areas the site is gaining momentum.

Will you dig into unexplained traffic drops? 

Absolutely. It can be a little gut-wrenching to have an SEO agency like Volume Nine tell you that you’ve suddenly lost a lot of SEO rankings. So, when we see concerning drops in your SEO trends, we’ll dig in further to understand what may be contributing to that dip.






Content Optimization Review


Understanding how well you optimize content provides critical insight into your go-forward opportunities. Many brands do the basics (page titles, keyword insertion). However, most skip over essential elements needed to rank long-term content.


What’s included in the content optimization review? 

Our content analysis audit will analyze one key page of content (in-depth). We aim to give you a complete picture of everything needed to optimize your content for that page.

Simply put, we want you to have the best page on the internet for your target keyword query. We’ll review the optimization basics (e.g., metadata, H1s, etc.). Then we’ll move into more advanced semantic (relevance) analysis.

Why is content optimization important? 

Simply put, great content optimization ensures you are developing great, high-quality content for your users that is easy for them and Search Engines to understand.






Local SEO Review


For brands that target local areas, your Local SEO is a critical signal to send to Search Engines like Google. Even national or global brands can benefit from establishing which local area your company is headquartered in.


What’s included in the Local SEO review? 

The main thing we help you understand in the Local SEO review is how well you send appropriate local settings for a primary location. We’ll identify missing critical directory placement (e.g., Google My Business / Google Business Profile), Name Address Phone (NAP) Consistency, and also if any reviews on a glance are concerning.

Why is local SEO important? 

Our local SEO review can help your brand understand how you’ve optimized your digital footprint for local search engine results. It helps ensure that when people search for companies like yours in their area online, your business pops up at the top of their list. Following local SEO best practices increases visibility for potential customers, drives more traffic to your site, and ultimately leads to more leads or sales in your local area.






Google Analytics 4 Review


Digital Marketing is 90% more cost-effective than traditional marketing, but only if you can leverage powerful analytics to analyze marketing decisions. We’ll take a look to ensure you are measuring your data properly via GA4.


What’s included in the GA4 review? 

Our Analytics portion is pretty straightforward. We’ll check to ensure you’ve got Google Analytics 4 & Google Search Console setup. Additionally, we’ll spend some time digging into common setup mistakes (e.g., Conversion Event Configuration) to see if we have any significant concerns.

Does this include setting up GA4? 

Setting up and configuring Google Analytics 4 isn’t a standard part of our SEO audit service. However, for brands that need help in this area, we can easily tack this service onto your audit.






SEO Insights


This isn’t an automated review, and we aren’t handing it to an SEO rookie to knock out. As your audit comes together, a seasoned SEO rookie will spend time with your data and audit to extract key insights in every category.


What kinds of insights should I expect? 

Our experts tend not to pull any punches when it comes to insights. We’ll let you know what items we feel should be prioritized, any areas that are overly concerning to us, and how we’d approach each area of SEO as if it were our business.

Can I talk to the SEO who put together the insights? 

Absolutely! At the end of the audit, we’ll have an in-depth meeting to review the audit, insights, and recommendations and answer any questions you might have!






SEO Audit Punchlist


The SEO punch list is a fan favorite. Where other audits might give you a giant spreadsheet of technical SEO sins, we’ll give you a prioritized roadmap of what to focus on next across all areas of SEO.


What’s the punch list? 

Your punch list is the culmination of your audit, including insights from a seasoned SEO expert. In short, we are trying to answer the question – what should we do next? We’ll help prioritize critical areas of focus for SEO and significant opportunities for the next 6 – 12 months.

Can we do this punch list ourselves, or should we hire an agency? 

The simple answer is either or 🙂 During onboarding, we’ll clarify what you intend to do with your audit findings and if you want to handle it in-house or have an SEO company like Volume handle it. We’ll then draft the punch list based on those intentions. Also, if you are handling this yourself, we’ll ensure it’s DIY-friendly.






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