“Just Right” SEO Audit Service

Don’t waste money on an agency to just run you through a couple of tools. Volume Nine has been optimizing websites since 2006 and our “just right” audit will give you the insights you need to get your SEO program moving in the right direction.

  • Typical Time to Complete an SEO Audit: 2-3 Weeks
  • What’s Included: Technical SEO, Competitive Analysis, SEO Trends, Content Optimization Review, Local SEO, Google Analytics / GA4, SEO Insights, SEO Punchlist

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SEO Audit Services

What is an SEO Audit?

Our SEO audit dives deep into how search engines and site visitors interact with your business’s site. This organic search audit examines components like keywords, mobile load speeds, sitemaps, redirects, and more. But the real prize comes with the audit report, which provides actionable tips you can use to improve your business site’s SEO, delivered in a language you can actually use to create your SEO strategy and implementation deliverables.

How do we perform an SEO Audit?

SEO, or search engine optimization, means making your site indexable by all the search engines out there (yeah, there are more than just Google). An organic search site review dives deep into what’s going on with your site, both on the user-facing front end and behind the scenes in the html code of your website.  It examines keywords you’re using on your pages, site structure, mobile load speeds and layout, how your sitemap is indexed, if 404s and 301s are properly managed… the list goes on.

Have no clue what all that technical jargon means? That’s OK. At its core, our team of SEO experts will look at every facet of your site and provide actionable tips to improve your site in the eyes of the all-powerful search robots. You’ll walk away with a prioritized list of changes that can immediately help improve your keyword rankings (and therefore visibility in search engine results) when implemented.

What is included in an SEO Audit?

As one of the best SEO companies, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach to our SEO site reviews. We know your brand has unique needs, so we tailor your audit to address your specific website. The website audit project kicks off with a discovery session where we learn about your company, marketing needs, and target audience. From there, we do a deep dive into your website, focusing on a few core segments such as technical SEO components, content strategy, and site performance. We use a host of tools to analyze every aspect of your site to generate a comprehensive SEO audit report, which will tell you the state of SEO on your site, as well as provide actionable opportunities to improve organic rankings, traffic, and lead generation.

At the end of the audit, your account team will walk you through every insight in the audit report. Whether you a confident webmaster who can talk internal linking with the best of them or you struggle to comprehend organic search tactics at all, your SEO expert will work with you to ensure you understand our findings and can confidently apply and execute the changes to your site without affecting user experience.

Is an SEO Audit right for your website?

SEO is not a static feature; it is a living, breathing organism. Our trained SEO experts spend a lot of time learning the newest best practices and studying organic search strategies so they can provide the most up-to-date, accurate digital marketing advice. With our audit services, you’ll walk away with more than a report; you’ll also learn things about optimizing your site you can apply to past web pages and all website updates and content moving forward. Google’s ranking algorithms also change constantly, so even if you’ve had an audit in the past, it may be time to get an updated SEO review.  Google likes to keep sites on their toes and Volume Nine is here to serve as your intrepid guides through the crazy world of Search Engine Optimization.

How much does an SEO Audit cost?

The cost of an inbound organic site review can range based on whether we only do a technical SEO audit or if we do some keyword research, review past off-page link building tactics, or spending time in your Google Analytics account.   Even though there are free seo audit tools available online, it does take the experience of an SEO expert to deal with things like duplicate content along with the knowledge of an inbound marketing pro to understand how to prioritize the findings against other channels particularly paid search and social media as they have direct interaction with your SEO and content strategy.

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