“Just Right” Social Media Audit

Social media presence is an essential part of a strong digital marketing strategy, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Keeping track of the different platforms can be tough, and it may feel like rules and algorithms change every day. If your business is ready to stop treading water with social media and really start seeing results, a social media audit can help.

  • Typical Time to Complete a Social Media Audit: 2-4 Weeks
  • Platforms That Can Be Included: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch
  • Senior Strategist: This isn’t an automated tool – we’re performing a qualitative analysis of your social media against your goals

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Get An Audit From Social Media Experts

Don’t waste money on an agency to just run you through a couple of tools or toss you to an intern. Volume Nine has been handling social media for clients for over a decade and our “just right” social media audit will give you the insights you need to get your social program moving in the right direction.


Social Media Experts

This isn’t something we’re tossing to an intern. Your analysis & roadmap will be developed by seasoned Social Media experts with years of experience in the industry.



Social Media Audits are are notorious for just being a list of things you did wrong. We take a qualitative & quantitative look at your social presence to give you a prioritized roadmap of recommendations.



Have a specific question or concern? Don’t sweat it. We’ll dive into it for you as part of the process.


Includes Best Practices

Concerned some of your social media strategies are a bit #dusty? Don’t dispair, we’ll score your social channels through a big’ol list of best practices.



Worried you are dumping money into social media with little to show for it? Starting with your goals, we’ll help you evaluate your current strategies + develop a roadmap designed to help you hit metric targets.


Easy to Digest

Audits & strategy can be overwhelming. We layout insights for you in a way that easy to both understand & excute.

Lands End Logo

“We look at the results and can’t believe what we’re seeing in terms of growth.”

What’s Included in The Social Media Audit?

sample persona


Are you and your team on the same page (literally) about what you are trying to accomplish? We will help you focus on what matters and ensure our team provides insights based on your goals. In summary, we want to help you answer the question, “why are we doing all of this?”


What’s Included In Strategic Alignment? 
  • Goals / KPIS –  Clearly outline top goals for social media for your brand, along with the major KPIS (Key Performance Inicators) that can measure progress towards each goal. 
  • Persona Outlines – Document personas with imagery & key characteristics in order to keep the social media strategy on point with your target audience. 
  • Key Concerns / Questions – Document key questions / concerns that you are hoping the audit can answer or provide insights into. 
What if I don’t know my goals very well?

Don’t worry, we’ll meet you where you are! If you need help working through what your goals really should be or thinking through your target audiences, we’re here to help!





Best Practices


Best practices for social media platforms are constantly changing. Our team is staying on the cutting edge of what is and isn’t considered an “established best practice.” We aim to give you a quick map for up-leveling your profiles, content & engagement strategies to today’s standards.


What kinds of things are you reviewing? 

There’s a variety of elements we review, broken down into a few categories: 

(1) The Profile (e.g., are you verified on Facebook)

(2) The Copy (e.g., are you using the appropriate amount of hashtags for each platform)

(3) The Creative (e.g., Is your creative high-quality and “on brand”)

(4) Engagement (e.g., are you responding)

(5) Visibility (e.g., are you boosting content)

(6) Results-oriented (e.g., are you including links in posts appropriately). 


What platforms do you have pass/fail elements for? 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch

But we’re always adding more, so if you don’t see the platform you need, just ask! 





Competitive Analysis


Analyzing your competitors on social media platforms can give you a window into what’s working well and what’s not. We’ll help you learn from their successes and mistakes so that you can avoid pitfalls + get ahead. 


What’s Included in Competitive Analysis?
  • Followers by Platform – A best practice review of main social channels for an overview of followers – including demographics, general engagement trends (time of day, day of the week, shares, etc,), and top performing content. 
  • Top Content by Engagement from Competitors (from the last 1-2 months) – Review competing brands on managed channels to analyze the strategies, content, and messaging and to provide ideas for implementation in an ongoing strategy.
What if My Competitors Suck At Social? 

If your Competitors suck at social, that’s great news! Terrible competitors can help us understand “what not to do.” From there can also look at a more aspirational brand (vs. a direct competitor) to give ideas for your strategy. 






Analytics Review


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We’ll take the time to pop the hood on your Google Analytics account and ensure you can track the key metrics that matter to you. We’ll also look at some of the tracking available through each platform (e.g., the Facebook / Meta pixel). 


Will you Look at GA4 Accounts? 

Absolutely! If you’ve jumped to the latest and greatest version of Analytics, that’s the version we’ll review. 


Will you Upgrade us to GA4?

Not as part of this audit process, but this is one of the first things we’ll help you knock out if you move into a retainer relationship with us!






It’s fair to call this section the “good part.” Once we’ve had a chance to review all the things, it’s time to tie it all together for you. We want to ensure you get a great sense of where you are now, some items to address sooner vs. later, and some ideas of where you can improve your content & engagement game from here.


What’s Included in the Strategy? 
  • SWOT Analysis – Based on your social media, goals & competitors’ current state, we’ll summarize your existing social media position in a helpful SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. 
  • Top Areas to Fix – We’ll provide an easy-to-follow list to define implementation recommendations to execute sooner vs. later. 
  • Content & Engagement Strategy – We will provide an overview of 2-5 content themes/pillars to drive audience engagement per platform with a few key insights to form the basis of your editorial calendar.
  • Big Ideas – For brands ready to lean in a little more, we’ll also include a few “bigger ideas” for you to consider executing. 


Can your Team Help Execute the Strategy?

Absolutely! If you are picking up what we’re putting down, we’d love to keep the party going with you. We can prepare a retainer agreement to help keep some or all of this managed for you.





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