Digital Marketing for Home Builders

Digital marketing for home builders is complicated. The communities that have the most successful marketing program don’t focus on just one area or silver bullet. Instead, communities that achieve the balance between traditional marketing and digital marketing are the ones who sell their homes the fastest.

At Volume Nine, we help home builders and new communities run multi-channel digital marketing strategies that work in conjunction with traditional marketing. We help new communities drive new traffic (both online and offline) and, more importantly, fill their pipeline with active, interested buyers.

Digital Marketing for Home Builders – The Strategy

Whereas the marketing mix might be involved, the strategy is simple. Focus on the target customer, and all else will follow. We don’t want to spend time and energy focused on driving irrelevant traffic to your website or homes. In our opinion, 100 qualified potential buyers in your geographic area are way more valuable than 2000 random website hits.

Digital Marketing for Home Builders – The Tactics

Website Design & Branding

The antithesis of where your online and offline strategies meet your website is a critical component of your marketing strategy. 90% of buyers begin their journey online (source: inside Real Estate). Your imagery and messaging must reflect your brand and speak to your target audience. Your content should move your customers through their buyer’s journey. And finally, your calls to action should inspire customers to take critical next steps (sign up for emails, reach out to your team, set up an appointment, or visit your homes).

Email Marketing

One of the most powerful and often overlooked tactics in Digital Marketing for this industry is email marketing. However, prospective buyers can have very long sales cycles (upwards of 90 days or more). Inspiring potential buyers to sign up for emails can give you a low-cost, highly effective way to stay in touch with a pre-qualified target audience.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is invaluable for home-building communities because of the targeting available. Please note, all advertising campaigns must comply with HUD regulations. With a combination of visual display ads, geo-targeting, interest targeting, and more advanced capabilities, Home Builders are able to cut through the noise to connect with buyers quickly.

Video Production & Marketing

Most markets agree with the strategy – show, don’t tell. Video marketing can be an extremely effective tactic to add to your marketing arsenal. 89% of video marketers agree video gives them an excellent ROI (Opt-In Monster). Between longer commercial-style videos, tours, and shorter social content, video marketing can be a critical component of your marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing

A critical platform to begin conversations, your target audience is likely to spend more time on Facebook and Instagram; than, they are on Google. The visual and conversational nature of social media marketing, coupled with the advanced targeting capabilities, makes social an essential channel for your brand and corporate communications.

Search Engine Optimization

If your audience can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. SEO is fundamental to ensuring that your brand is visible and driving potential customers in all stages of their buying journey. Additionally, once your brand is ranking in an organic search, you can drive web traffic without having to pay for each incremental click.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is probably the most critical thing that builders should be doing once a website is live. Content Marketing is essential for driving web traffic when buyers are in the information-gathering phase. Additionally, it can help fill in gaps in the sales process to help inspire them to reach out. Finally, content marketing is the fuel for most of the other channels. Whether it’s social, SEO, Paid Search or Email Marketing, Direct Mail, etc. you need to have something exciting and relevant to drive your traffic towards.

ROI & Analytics

24% of home builders struggle with measuring inbound marketing (Builder Funnel). Understanding which of your channels are driving leads can help you make quick and highly effective decisions about your strategy. Focusing on data and results is how Volume Nine achieves results for our home builders and communities that are significantly higher than industry averages.

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