Digital Marketing for Hotels & Resorts

The travel and tourism industry has been totally revolutionized by the internet. Websites allow you to passively book visitors and collect payments, while search engines allow thousands of travelers to find you with the click of a few buttons. Of course, the online travel industry is booming, which means the industry is getting more crowded. This makes it harder for hotels, resorts, and destinations to secure their place in SERPs. Third-party sites and OTAs may also make it hard for your brand to gain visibility as the trusted booking source, and travelers may instead rely on sites like Expedia, Trivago, and others to book with you. This cuts into your profits and complicates operations.

And of course, there is the entirely overwhelming digital landscape: you need to optimize your website for search and user experience, create targeted ads that attract “on the fence” and actively searching travelers to choose your location… and social media is a circus all its own. You know there is value in reviews, in leveraging user-generating content, and in showcasing the beauty of your destination… but it’s a lot to manage and distribute while also maintaining basic marketing and reputation management operations. It’s hard to know which strategies will work, which are a waste of your time and money, and what overall experience your potential visitors crave.

Hotel and Resorts Marketing as Unique as Your Destination

With over a decade of experience working with hospitality and resort brands, V9’s team of digital marketing experts can help you bring your physical location to the digital realm. We are here to help you and your marketing team understand how your audience searches and engages online — not just in general, but on a local, national, and international level.

Together, we’ll craft personas and user experiences that make it easy for the right travelers to find, explore, book, and enjoy everything your location has to offer. We’ll also deliver an authentic stream of blog, social, and other content that increases search visibility as well as social media. Of course, we’ll make sure that your seasonal campaigns and “busy seasons” are booked up, while also designing (and driving, if needed) campaigns that keep you busy all year-round. Most of all, we’ll make sure that your destination looks irresistible to travelers searching for experiences like yours.

  • Want to better showcase your destination on social media? V9 can help you craft a social media strategy that combines visuals, reviews, and authenticity that moves people from “Like” to “Book Now.”
  • Looking to reclaim your place in SERPs? We’ll help you target keywords and content that makes your brand the trusted source for information and bookings — not those third-party sites.
  • Need better results from your off-season campaigns? By understanding your travelers and their experience, you can craft a better funnel and ad campaigns that keep you booked year-round.

Hospitality & Resorts for Resort Collection

Contracting with Volume Nine has proved to be not only a positive marketing decision for our company but an essential one. Even though their team is located on the opposite side of the country from our business in Panama City Beach, Florida, we have never felt more connected and in-tune with any other outsourced agency we have used.

-Lauren Shaw, Marketing Manager at Resort Collection

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