Digital Marketing for Natural Product Brands

The world is changing, and so is the way consumers interact with brands. When it comes to products and food, consumers are more social, savvy, and selective than ever — and your natural brand must make the cut. Creating a product that measures up is only a fraction of your work, though. Now, it’s time to root out your highly connected, social media-savvy audience, speak directly to their conscious, healthy purchase values, and build relationships that expand your reach. With your sales goals and KPIs in mind, it can feel like you’re spending resources to shout into a void with a message that doesn’t seem to hit its target.    

More than that, this new digital landscape has allowed for more and more brands to come to market faster than ever, and grow their market share exponentially. To stay competitive, and to show consumers just how your brand meets their high standards, your natural brand needs a savvy approach to digital marketing. A digital strategy that gets you seen in a saturated market and really shines a light on what your buyers really want is the only way to get traction.  Sounds like it’s time to call V9.


A Digital Strategy Just for Your Natural Product or Food Brand

V9’s diverse team of digital marketing experts have vast experience marketing natural products, from food manufacturers to farm-to-table services. While each brand has its own struggles, there’s one underlying thread that unites them: a desire to focus on the good. 

We fully understand the importance of your conscious, environmental and social focus, and we want to make sure that message rings loud and clear with your audience. To do that, though, we don’t create a templatized digital strategy for your natural brand. Instead, we sit down and get to know your product or offering — as well as your team — inside and out. This approach allows us to see exactly what needs to be built up, where we can support you, and what strategies you can implement to take your product or offering to the people it will resonate with it most.  

  • Is your competition drowning you in search? Our SEO experts will help you optimize your products, website, and keyword strategy to help you climb up those search results.
  • Want to increase visibility and awareness? Social media and influencer marketing are critical for most natural product brands. Our influencer network and social media strategists are ready to get to work.
  • Are you trying to target ALL conscious consumers with a watered-down message? We’ll help you get up close and personal with personas and customer journeys that hit them when (and where) it counts.

“Au Naturel” Marketing for Your Natural Brand

In its most stripped-down, au naturel form (see what we did there?), digital marketing is designed to bring you to your audience. Your natural product or food brand needs help crafting the message and finding the delivery system that gets you where you need to go. V9 has helped other brands do just that, and with some pretty great results. We’ll do the same for you! 

Ready to grow your business online?

Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness on social media or needing to drive more traffic from search engines, we’re here to help you connect with your audience and hit those strategic goals.

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