Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

By taking a deep-dive, custom approach to your B2B digital marketing needs, V9 will help you identify and address themes, customer pain points, funnel fall-offs, new audience segment opportunities, and more that are specific to your company. From there, we’ll start creating a marketing roadmap that’s just right for your B2B brand and its true audience. 

A Custom B2B Digital Marketing Approach

In the B2B industry, marketing makes all the difference between struggling sales and a growing bottom line. But many B2B brands now must adapt to the digital marketing landscape, where the majority of their leads begin (and end). To properly attract, nurture, and convert leads, your B2B product or service needs to know how its customers are searching and connecting with them online, and what pushes those customers further down the pipeline. To make sure those warm leads turn into hot ones, your sales force and your marketing teams also need to align messaging, to make sure what you’re sharing and what you’re selling are one and the same. Without an overarching strategy, that can be downright difficult.

And even if your teams have managed to align messaging, there’s still the issue of data tracking and interpretation, fighting for visibility saturated markets, and connecting with the right audiences. It can feel like you’re using tactics and strategies that get some results, but not the sort of results you really need to grow your bottom line and better serve your customers. And then, of course, there are the unique challenges posed by your individual product or service, as well as the industry or space in which you operate. How can your marketing and sales team navigate these challenges, and implement strategies that resonate with the businesses you’re meant to serve?

Each of our B2B engagements starts by listening to you and your sales force talk about your business, industry, and desired target audiences. Then we’ll tap into what people are saying online about your brand and services, as well as your competition. Using your data and analytics, we’ll also see where your leads are coming from, what they’re interacting with, and where you’re losing them. Using the information we collect from this deep dive, we’ll analyze everything so we can develop and categorize emerging themes, customer pain points, shortcomings in your funnels, important brand topics, and new audience segment opportunities. From there, we’ll start creating a roadmap that’s just right for your B2B brand and your true audience.

Our team works with yours to develop a solid strategy for creating content and campaigns that speak in a more targeted way to your ideal audience(s). This research- and data-driven approach will help your B2B brand speak directly to the user, igniting a positive reaction and higher engagement at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Together, we’ll make decisions on which tactic or strategy to implement to nurture more leads and to keep B2B brand on the cutting edge of your industry.

At V9, we believe in an integrated, data-driven, full-service approach to achieve all your B2B business goals. Our custom solutions will include the digital marketing services that YOUR business needs to succeed – and we’ll provide guidance and support that helps you meet your goals.

B2B for General Kinematics

I’ve worked with V9 for almost two years and continue to be impressed. Their level of industry knowledge and the team of specialists accomplish my marketing goals every time. We have had many successes over the course of our working relationship

-Amy Donahue-Kelley, Global Marketing Manager at General Kinematics

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