Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

To succeed as an Ecommerce brand, you need more than products. You need dynamic SEO, strategic social media, and intentional content marketing — and you need them to work together. Using a holistic, intelligent approach to your eCommerce site and all of its moving parts, Volume Nine can help you increase visibility, drive traffic, and bump up conversion rates.

Custom Strategies for eCommerce Success

No matter what you make and/or sell online, your eCommerce site and brand face some innate challenges. You may have hundreds or thousands of products and knowing how to connect search users to those products can feel like a guessing game. And to know what customers are searching for, how they interact with your site, and what drives conversions, you need accurate tracking — but Google Analytics and other platforms can feel like rocket science to set up.

On top of that, your eCommerce website has to be easy to navigate and engage with, plus have content and pages that establish you as a trustworthy brand — both to search engines and site visitors. You also need to build brand awareness and stay top of mind for your audience, which means constant ad and promo cycles. Your social media strategy feels forced and not cohesive, and you’re unable to find influencers or brand advocates to spread the good word. Visuals, engaging ads, and a strong social media strategy have all proven to help with conversions, but they’re hard to pull off with ever-decreasing budgets and ever-increasing demands on your resources.

And your brand’s specific product or industry will face its own challenges: your pet food brand may struggle to keep up with the big box stores in SERPs, or your CPG brand may struggle to convert in-cart. All of this boils down to one thing: You’ve got a lot on your plate, and it can feel like you’re only touching the surface of your conversion potential. There’s good news, though.

Using eCommerce tactics that are best for YOUR brand, site, and audience, V9’s team can help you create a holistic marketing strategy that helps you stay top of mind and see better ROI on your efforts. We’ll start our partnership by diving right into the business, your products or offerings, and what your team is currently doing to attract and convert your ideal audience. We also collaboratively develop buyer personas, making sure we all know the person (or persons) on the other end of the “Buy” button. This allows us to view your previous and current efforts in a new light, and to adopt new strategies and tactics that give your buyers what they really want. 

V9 has an expert team of strategists who specialize in a variety of areas, from SEO, analytics, advertising, social media, and content — everything your eCommerce brand needs to finally view your marketing efforts through a cohesive lens. Our experts are also here to support your team, working side by side to finally tap into the potential of your eCommerce brand.

Ecommerce for Jim’s

They’ve become a trusted wing of our marketing team and some good friends – even though we’ve never met them face to face. And we ought to. They’d probably buy us lunch…

-Brady Kesner, Director of Advertising at Jim’s

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