Jay Mays

Senior Business Analyst

About Jay

Jay Mays is a Senior Business Analyst, partnering with Volume Nine. He is the first point of contact for new potential clients who are interested in learning more about V9’s services. Jay is the one you’ll hear on our introduction calls, where he gets to know new clients, learn about their business, and understand what they’re trying to accomplish. 

Once Jay understands a brand’s marketing goals, he’s the one who will introduce them to our Account Execs and the V9 leadership. Thanks to Jay, we’re able to make sure that new clients are successfully transitioned to our internal teams for help with their digital marketing. 

Jay is a 20-year sales veteran, recovering stand-up comedian, and stand-up comedy producer. In addition to his sales experience, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment including: TEDx, Viacom, and Live Nation. 

He understands that every business needs a steady stream of qualified leads coming in the door, and wants that for our clients as much as for us. Jay is joining our team as a salesperson, but knows just how important it is to be fluid and able to quickly pivot based on the changing marketplace and client needs. 

Jay’s passions aren’t limited to sales, though. He’s also into cortados, 90’s alt rock, the beach, The Onion, Larry David, float tanks, dry socks, dark chocolate and, of course, his family.

Random Facts

What was your first job?
Bag boy at Publix. One time I got the gruffest manager ever to laugh by tying a plastic grocery bag around my head to cover my hair from the rain.

What movie can you watch over and over again? 
Original Ghostbusters. So many great lines.

What was your favorite band 10 years ago? 
Our Lady Peace. And I still love them.