Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

  • We’ve got an amazing group of core brand enthusiasts, but we need to get the brand in front of more potential customers
  • We’d like to get our overall CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) lower
  • We’re posting on social, and we know it’s important, but it doesn’t feel like it’s working
  • We prefer getting customers to our brand and site vs. resellers like Amazon
  • We want to build a brand and community of our followers
  • Organic traffic converts well for us; we need more of it!
  • We’re driving people to our blog & social channels, but we can’t seem to monetize it

#WeGotThis – let’s chat! We’re happy to help or at least share insights and tactics for how other CGP brands like you are overcoming these challenges.

“I needed to push the envelope, optimize the organic search, and drive customers not only to our website but to retailers across the country, all the while shoving unfortunate reviews onto page 5. Our engagement is now tops. We have more engagement per total number of followers on our Facebook page than many of our competitors. They have shoved negative reviews down onto page 3 and below and elevated searches we never knew were relevant. Everything we ask, they consistently deliver.

Taylor Sutherland, President Charlie’s Soap 


Taylor Sutherland

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Success Story 

Are you ready to sell more stuff without pouring money into ads?

LOL Surprise is a loveable brand of children’s dolls & accessories sold worldwide.

  • The Situation: Website traffic & sales were steadily declining. 
  • The Problem: Losing access to our end customer, losing brand visibility, and increasing CAC exponentially. 
  • Goal: Get website revenue to start growing again. 
  • The Solution: SEO & Full Creative & Content Strategy 
  • Result: Huge growth in organic traffic & revenue 


case study

Connect With Your Customers 

Today, more than 90% of consumers conduct online research before being willing to purchase a product. On top of that, consumers are more driven than ever by social influence and customer reviews. As a CPG brand, your challenge is to stand out amongst your competition, adapt your marketing approach for on-the-go shoppers, and keep your brand constantly top-of-mind. 

The Problem? 

Without a guided digital marketing strategy, it might feel like you are doing a lot of “stuff” but seemingly getting nowhere.  

You May Need a Digital Strategy or Expert Support If:

  • You’re website sales aren’t hitting your growth targets 
  • Your PPC costs are increasing 
  • You aren’t sure “why” your brand is even on social 
  • You aren’t getting a lot of social media engagement 
  • You have a lot less social media followers than your competitors 
  • Your distributors and competitors are out-ranking your website on Google 
  • Your email list isn’t growing 

The Solution?

Consumers have more choices than ever, which means your brand needs to find out how to differentiate & stand-out — and fast. Every brand touchpoint should give consumers yet another reason to convert to your brand, and each touchpoint should be consistent! 

The Best CPG Brands:

  • Are connected with KPIS and have set goals & targets
  • Are laser-focused on their ideal buyers & the stories of the brand that will most resonate with them 
  • Provide a killer user experience on their website that makes consumers feel comfortable enough to take the next step 
  • Answer as many of their prospect’s potential questions as possible 
  • Build a great, engaged community on Social Media 

If you are working on the Marketing Strategy or goals for a CPG brand, we can help! Reach out today for a no-stress consultation with a digital marketing expert, and we can help you identify the top opportunities for your company to grow. 

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