Digital Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods

Volume Nine helps your CPG brand craft a message and strategy that speaks directly to your ideal buyers, using language and platforms they resonate with. From there, we can help you execute on a customized plan of action that artfully funnels buyers from the first contact to first (and future) sales.

Connecting Consumers With Your Consumer Products

Today, more than half of all consumer shopping takes place on a mobile device. On top of that, consumers are more driven than ever by social influence and customer reviews. As a CPG brand, your challenge is to stand out amongst your competition, adapt your marketing approach for on-the-go shoppers, and keep your brand constantly top of mind. 

But without a guided digital marketing strategy, you may be struggling to get seen ahead of competitors in SERPs, to push shoppers to trial, or to seal the deal on those abandoned carts. You may be engaging on social and see plenty of “traction” there, but struggle to turn likes and follows into site visits and sales. 

You know consumers have more choices than ever, which means your brand needs to find out how to differentiate — and fast. Each brand touchpoint should give consumers yet another reason to convert to your brand, but creating a campaign that aligned can be difficult without the right resources. And you know that storytelling is more important than ever in such competitive spaces, but you’re not sure how to tell the right story to your true audience. 

All the while, your team also needs to be teasing sales and driving seasonal promotions with the aim of increasing inventory turnover, brand loyalty, and revenue. But how do you connect with your ideal buyers when you’re not sure where they “live” online, what story they most resonate with, or how to really get their attention?

V9 works with CPG brands to help them understand who their ideal buyer is — not just their demographics, but what drives them to buy your product, what they do with it, and how they want to interact with brands like yours. We also take into account your competition and what their audience and products look like. From there, we work to really hone in on your brand’s differentiator — the element that makes you truly stand out. 

Leveraging the buyer personas and your differentiator or brand story, we work with you to create a truly custom digital marketing strategy. Whether you struggle to show up on Page 1 of Google, aren’t getting the ROI you want from display ads or retargeting, or you need to align your marketing strategy with your sales, we’ll create a plan of action to make it happen.

We’ve also helped CPG brands build a stronger connection to their audience on social media, by leveraging more targeted strategies, unique and engaging campaigns, and even influencers for the right brands and audiences. What we don’t do, however, is offer a one-size-fits-all plan that only touches the surface of your digital marketing needs. Instead, we help you craft a message that speaks directly to your ideal buyer(s), and that artfully funnels them from the first contact to first (and future) sales. 

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