Callie Kovarik

Digital Marketing Strategist

About Callie

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, Callie is responsible for planning, developing, and executing comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. With a keen understanding of digital platforms and consumer behavior, she adapts and fine-tunes strategies to keep businesses competitive in the digital landscape.

Callie’s journey unfolds from the heartland of Nebraska. Raised on a ranch with four brothers and one sister, Callie’s life was a unique blend of homeschooling and occasional traditional schooling. Her journey into digital marketing and SEO was as organic as her life story (pun intended, she loves puns). She transitioned through different departments in her previous job and found herself in digital marketing around 2017, soon delving into the world of SEO, where she’s thrived ever since.

Outside of work, Callie spends time rock climbing, running, disc golf, and, of course, her love of coffee. She also enjoys reading puzzles, games, cross-stitching, and new experiences. Her parents still reside near her hometown, where her father manages the family ranch, and her mother works for the post office. Callie’s family is a big part of her life and includes 5 siblings, whose parents thought it would be fun to name all with the same initials, 13 nieces and nephews, and a cat named Bucky who gives high-fives & plays hide and seek.

Random Facts

What movie can you watch over and over again? 
The Lord of the Rings

What are three positive words that people often use to describe you?
Loyal, Witty, Determined

What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? 
Beartown Series by Frederick Backman