Donna Hughes

Digital Growth Specialist

About Donna

Donna Hughes is a Digital Growth Specialist, partnering with V9. She helps our account teams on the front lines, connecting with new potential clients who are interested in learning more about Volume Nine’s services. She helps lead discovery calls and asks questions to get to know potential clients and their business.

 Donna is also a critical part of communications between potential clients and the V9 account strategist teams during the onboarding phase. Thanks to her, we’re able to make sure that new clients are successfully transitioned to our internal teams for help with their digital marketing. 

After graduating from college, Donna knew all roads would lead her to digital marketing. She took a few years off to travel, and worked for a company that had several restaurants and luxury downtown apartments. While they were successful, the commonly misunderstood issue was how to represent different locations under the same brand. Donna found it to be an interesting part of the business, one that was always evolving. Naturally, this experience led her further down the digital marketing rabbit hole, where she eventually found Volume Nine.

Joining our team, Donna has helped us go above and beyond to make sure we are diligently prepared for client meetings and that we show a devoted interest in understanding our client’s pain points and how we can all work together to get real results. 

Donna reports that she’s sucker for the outdoors, and anything that includes the sunshine. That includes hiking, biking, swimming, taking a canoe down the river, camping, Cardinals baseball games, and community events (food trucks!). She has two young beautiful rambunctious children and a hard-working husband. In short, Donna has her hands full and loves every second of it!

Random Facts

Best secret for getting through a tough Monday?
I’d say getting a rowdy playlist together, blaring it as loud as you can handle (depending on the work for the day, of course) and dancing the Monday blue’s away.

What was your first job? 
My first job was to mow our grass.  My first paying job was working at a retirement community serving the residents their meals.  Yes, I did spill coffee on a sweet elderly lady’s lap once. 

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
Always follow your instincts.  In my early adulthood, I’ve second-guessed myself more times than I care to count.  At the end of the day, I find myself always saying “I should’ve trusted my gut.” I say it to myself several times a day and I’m trying to embed it into my thick skull.