Content Marketing Audit & Strategy

For over a decade, we’ve been helping brands get on top of their content. We can help you take stock of what you’ve got and provide insights for your content strategy going forward.

  • Typical Time to Complete a Content audit: 2-3 Weeks
  • Types of Content We Can Review: Blogs, Web Articles, Evergreen Content, Web Resources

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Content Marketing Strategy

From the text on your homepage to the videos you share, a well-designed content strategy has the power to improve brand visibility, drive rankings, increase conversions, and turn a first-time site visitor into a loyal customer. With our extensive content marketing experience and expert strategists, we can create a content marketing strategy that is custom to your brand, goals, and audience.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing encompasses all forms of digital media: evergreen pages, blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers, e-books, e-newsletters, podcasts, and more. Each of these types of media, if done properly, will help connect with and convert your target audience. The words on your evergreen pages, the blogs you write, and the resources you provide your customers should all drive to conversion. To do this cohesively, however, you need a content marketing strategy.

A content marketing strategy provides a comprehensive plan for curating your content so that it appeals to your ideal customer. From the text on your homepage to the videos you share on social media, a well-designed content strategy has the power to increase brand sentiment, drive rankings, boost brand signals, get more conversions, and turn a first-time site visitor into a loyal customer.

What to expect from content marketing strategy

Cookie cutters are for cookies, not your content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy from V9 is tailored to your unique business and specifically targeted to solve your company’s digital marketing pain points. Your V9 strategy team will perform an in-depth analysis of all your content, from your home page to previously published blogs to old landing pages and beyond. We’ll look at your top competitors to see where they’re succeeding (and failing) in their content marketing strategy, and we’ll use some proven SEO tools to see how your brand can stand out on Google’s front page.

Once we’re done with our content deep dive, it’s time to create some data-driven, SEO-friendly content your users will love. Expect in-depth content calendars, optimized blog posts, and engaging evergreen pages. Want to branch out beyond the blog? Our team can also produce some kickass videos, emails, ebooks, infographics, and more. After all, your content marketing strategy should be as unique as your brand.

Is content marketing strategy right for your business?

If your business has a website with words on the page, it can benefit from a content marketing strategy. That’s because content strategy doesn’t just focus on siloed content creation or marketing — it combines them to ensure optimal targeting and value. Content marketing strategy is best for brands and businesses who embrace change; outdated content may not be attracting the results your brand deserves, and a weak strategy can be costing you a place in the market (and on Google’s front page). Content marketing generates approximately three times as many leads as traditional marketing, so the time to put a content marketing strategy into place is now.

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