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Influencers are building larger audiences and communities on social media platforms.   Once we find people discussing the topic you want to talk about, we leverage their influence to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, increase social following, and improve your link profile. 

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Running an Influencer Program isn’t easy, but building these key relationships can pay off big in the long run!

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Our Influencer Outreach experts have been identifying and creating relationships with bloggers for our clients for years.  We have a team, the tools, and the templates to be able to separate the wannabes and pretenders from the real users with influence on and around the topics that matter to our clients.  We develop lasting relationships with our content writers and influencers to turn them into advocates for the agency projects.  Influencer outreach programs take a lot of time and which requires time spent on the client’s end as well as ours in order to be the most successful.

Step One: Identify Influencers

The beginning of the process will be spent planning out a strategy, timeline, and scope of the Influencer Outreach.  At this point, we will determine what type of program the outreach will be – a contest giveaway, product review, content promotion, thought leadership or general brand awareness program.  Key elements to the planning will include determining the type of blogger we will target, as well as developing a creative theme and pitch that will appeal to the targeted bloggers.

It is important that we set specific goals for the outreach campaign that will include the number of blog posts that can post within the set time frame and the overall reach and impact that the campaign will have.  Reach and impact are calculated from social sharing and blog comment counts.  During this time, we will also identify the first list of targeted bloggers and begin crafting our messaging to those bloggers.  Finally, we will set an agreed upon budget for compensating bloggers for their work in creating engaging, original content.

Step Two: Engage Influencers

We work one-on-one with the bloggers we have targeted for the outreach campaign to ensure the correct messaging, links, images and instructions are in each post.  By engaging each blogger individually, we can check that each blog post is unique and crafted to appeal to their audience.  Each of these influencers that we engage with has worked many hours to build their following and develop a voice that is recognizable and carries authority in their space.  We see this as an asset that makes each outreach program new and exciting.  We encourage the bloggers to use their judgment and creativity for each campaign;  our process creates a very authentic feel and encourages engagement with your target audience.

Step Three: Amplify Content to Influencers

Influence is manifested in several different places these days.  While each influencer is certain to have their own blog and audience, we also find people who also share their content on different social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Instagram.  Each influencer will use their social platforms in the way that best suits their brand voice, giving further amplification of your brand’s post on their site.  We make sure to monitor and measure the sharing and engagement of all posts related to your influencer campaign, whether they take place on the blog or a separate social network.

Data Collection and Reporting

Throughout the Influencer Outreach campaign, we will frequently be communicating with questions and updates.  These plans are complex and there are usually surprises along the way – perhaps one blogger wants to do a webinar rather than a blog post, and another suggests hosting their contest on Facebook rather than their blog.  We work through each question and (often exciting) surprise opportunity along the way.  Once each post has gone live, and any contest periods have closed, we will report back on the engagement, social reach, sharing, comments and traffic that the campaign generated.  On top of all the buzz created in the short term, links will live on the blogs after the campaign is over, improving the SEO for long term benefit.

These are just a few of the many steps we take to ensure that blogger outreach is successful and helps the inbound marketing, SEO, and branding goals of our clients.  Let’s talk more about how Volume Nine can start your Influencer Outreach program ASAP.

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