Expand your brand’s reach with influencer engagement. 

Influencers are building large audiences and communities on social media platforms. You can leverage influencers to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, increase social following, and improve your link profile. Running an Influencer Program builds key relationships which can pay off big in the long run!

Payoff in Long Run

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Influencer Outreach is all about identifying and creating key relationships. You need a team, tools, and templates to be able to separate the wannabes from the real users with influence.  A proper influencer marketing program will help you develop lasting relationships with your influencers– whether they are writers, photographers, musicians, fashion icons, or yogis.

Influencer Identification

There are thousands of online influencers out there; which will give your brand the biggest lift?

Influencer identification is the most important part of your program as it finds authentic people your audience already engages with.  This part of the process also includes budgeting, strategy, timeline, and scope of the outreach.

Whether your ideal influencer is on Instagram, YouTube, or WordPress, we can find and reach out to them.

Influencer Engagement

Developing a list of influencers will require some basics upfront: correct messaging, links, images, and instructions. From there, the relationship can change and grow to best fit your brand’s needs.

Your influencer marketing strategy may look different from one influencer to another; the crucial part of the relationship is that it is open, accommodating, and creative on both ends.

Data Collection and Reporting

Throughout your Influencer Outreach campaign, we will frequently be communicating with questions and updates.  We work through each question and opportunity along the way. Once each post has gone live, and any contest periods have closed, we will report back on the engagement, social reach, sharing, comments, and traffic that the campaign generated.  

These are just a few of the many steps we take to ensure influencer outreach is successful and helps your inbound marketing, SEO, and branding goals.  

Let’s talk more about how Volume Nine can start your Influencer Outreach program today.

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