Increased Brand Awareness over 7,000%

Volume Nine increased brand awareness and social engagement for Lands’ End Business Outfitters while pushing their target audience through the purchase funnel, driving traffic to their website and increasing conversions.

LEBO’s Success Story


Lands’ End came to Volume Nine with the primary goal of using social media to introduce Lands’ End Business Outfitters (LEBO) to qualified audiences as the trusted company to work with for branded apparel and corporate gifting. Their current social media efforts weren’t supporting the brand and their engagement and revenue goals, which they recognized as a missed opportunity for their B2B branch.


To support their brand on social media, we focused our attention on how to educate and inform new qualified and engaged audiences. Our solution was to create and publish content on LEBO’s social media that would ignite engagement to build both brand awareness and trust, as well as drive users to purchase.

The strategy for this project involved not only building brand awareness but also the secondary goal of driving traffic and growing e-commerce sales. To ensure results, we planned to:

  1. Create and consistently post branded, high-quality content on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  2. Boost and amplify content to different target audiences that would have an interest in LEBO offerings.
  3. Retarget the engaged audience to drive traffic to the website, using incentivized offerings for e-commerce sales.
  4. Monitor and engage with the LEBO community and targeted audience to encourage community building and brand loyalty.
  5. Optimize all active social media platforms to ensure optimal performance and consistent brand experience.

As part of this strategy, we posted on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to deliver content that was developed for target audience segments, using unique messaging and engagement objectives on each platform.


As the target audience engaged with the published content, we built segmented audiences that were now familiar with the Lands’ End brand to communicate the product and service differentiators offered by LEBO.

These highly targeted creative concepts and promotions built trust from the existing audience and provided additional touchpoints for a larger audience, which increased brand awareness. Coupling these concepts with overarching community management across platforms helped solidify the brand’s position as a leader in customer service and experience.

With a relatively small budget for the size of the potential audience, Volume Nine was able to significantly increase the reach and engagement for Lands’ End while also driving website traffic and even making e-commerce sales. All of this was made possible by a top-of-the-funnel approach, using brand awareness advertising techniques.


The actual results for the first four months of LEBO’s campaign were quite impressive:

  • Increased impressions on Instagram and Facebook from 16,000/monthly to over 1,250,000/monthly.
  • Grew engagement (comments, likes, & interactions) significantly on all platforms:
    • Facebook: 10,000/monthly (up from 500/monthly)
    • Instagram: 7,500/monthly (up from 50/monthly)
    • LinkedIn: 1,500/monthly (up from 800/monthly)
  • Saw bottom-of-the-funnel activity as well:
    • Sent over 6,000 visitors to the website from social media
    • Doubled e-Commerce revenue from social media compared to the previous period
    • Delivered more than 3x ROAS from the initial brand awareness campaign.

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