Growing Vitamin World’s Facebook Fans by 44,000+ in 4 Months

When we stepped in, our social media experts helped Vitamin World get the traction they needed, and we: grew their Facebook followers by 44,889 in four months, increased web traffic by 401%, and attracted over 46,000 web visits from social media.

Why Volume Nine Gives Back

Vitamin World Success Story


Vitamin World, like many brands in the e-commerce space, wanted to increase brand awareness and exposure on social media, while growing their followers to help with remarketing opportunities. But their efforts hadn’t gotten them the results they wanted, and they weren’t able to leverage their following to increase web traffic.

To address their goals, and to influence people to actually visit Vitamin World’s website, V9’s team of social media experts got to work developing a strategy that focused on speaking directly to the audience they wanted to connect with — users who wanted to live a healthy lifestyle.

To connect with this target persona, V9 immediately recognized four solutions to execute on: create and consistently post branded, high-quality health and wellness lifestyle content, emphasize audience-segmented social ads, connect with influencers, and generate ideas for creative contests and giveaways.


Any brand that has tried to get traction on social media knows that consistency is key. But more than that, it’s about knowing your audience and the level of content they expect to see online. From there, it’s about crafting content so good they can’t help but click on it.

That’s why, to help Vitamin World grow their following, V9’s social media savants first focus was on high-quality content that was specific to different target personas.

Branded high-quality content

Daily posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter helped Vitamin World deliver content that was developed for different audience segments with unique messaging and engagement objectives. Nothing was copied across audience segments to lend that “speaking directly to you” feel to all their social media content.

Social media advertising campaigns

Next up, V9’s team looked at new target audiences, existing audiences, and competitor audiences using multiple types of objective-based campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Using that information, we created ads that spoke to each audience segment and target persona to encourage CTR and community engagement.

Community and industry influencers

V9 also reached out and established relationships with influential people in the fitness and nutrition industry. Building on our own network, we worked with influencers to share their content, provide them with Vitamin World products and ask for reviews, and promote products to their audiences. Our team took on outreach, communication, and follow-through to ensure a seamless influencer campaign that made a real difference for Vitamin World’s reach: over 82,000 users created stories about Vitamin World’s brand and/or products, up from 6,800 just months before.

Contents and giveaways

Last but not least, to drive engagement with Vitamin World’s brand and products, V9 designed creative concepts and promotions for existing audiences to encourage them to promote new product lines. Giveaways were also created to reach new, targeted audience segments who were motivated by “freebies,” and it served as a great way to acquire email-opt ins, as well.


Using this multi-faceted approach to growing visibility, Vitamin World saw robust growth in just 4 short months:

  • Facebook community grew by +2,257 users
  • Followers increased by 44,889
  • Visits to the website from Facebook went from 8,131 to 40,752 (401% growth)
  • Social sources drove 46,193 visits to the website (up from 12,461)
  • Engagement in posts increased 44%
  • Facebook conversions increased by 155%
  • 4,330 emails acquired from giveaways and contests
  • Twitter brand mentions grew by 936%
  • Over 86,000 stories were created about Vitamin World’s brand or products

For the team at V9, this is just another job well done. But for Vitamin World, it means more brand visibility that can drive conversions and revenue for months to come.

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