Brakes PLus

Traffic Generation – BRAKES PLUS Organic Traffic Up 234% in One Year


Brakes Plus is a national corporation with locations in 6 states with multiple locations in metropolitan centers. They came to Volume 9 having recently launched a new website and needed an SEO strategy to support their growing company.


The new website launch had no Website Launch Support (or any SEO oversight of any kind), and as a result there was lots of duplicate content across the website for each of the 50+ locations.


The strategy started with a comprehensive website audit that included technical, content, link and local search reviews. From there a SEO Roadmap was developed that fixed technical issues, optimized the entire website for both locations and services, developed a link building strategy to build domain authority and distributed local search information across a wide network of internet yellow page sites to gain local searches on both desktop and mobile phones.


Brakes Plus went from not ranking on Google to being ranking #1 for ‘brakes’ in the primary target market (Denver, CO) and increased non-branded organic traffic by 234% in one year.

This organic traffic increase was achieved by increasing the total number of keywords they targeted from 537 keywords to 1,155 keywords in about 1 year through website SEO efforts and local profile optimization(s).

Additionally, they have started ranking in the “local pack” for localized search results (see image below).