Charlies Soap Success Story

Charlie’s Soap redesigned its website and product packaging with a fresh, modern design.  When the new products arrived, the warehouse was overstocked. Charlie’s needed to figure out a way to move the product quickly.  


Email Campaigns

Using Charlie’s Soap email list, we designed a two-part email campaign with a code for 25% off clearance items. 

To create a sense of urgency, we coined the term “Vintage Charlie’s,” telling customers of their last chance to get Charlie’s in the classic package. The two emails differed only slightly in terms of personalization and tone. The first email skewed traditional while the second, sent two weeks later, featured the customer’s first name and an emoji in the subject line.


In the course of less than a month, Charlie’s Soap moved $47,080.20 of discontinued product. 

The first email sold $27,257.31, saw a 24.3% open rate and a 9.4% CTR.

The second sold $19,822.89, had a 24.8% open rate and a 7.1% CTR, all of which are higher than the industry average.  The two emails drove 25% of the total web traffic that month, MoM onsite transactions increased by 134%, and MoM onsite revenue more than doubled. 


“I’m just glad that no one thought we were going out of business!  A year’s worth of overstock is just about gone thanks to this sale”
C. Taylor Sutherland, III – VP, Charlie’s Soap

 “It’s been live for around four hours and we’ve already gotten 97 orders. Everyone wear your roller skates tomorrow…we are going to be busy.”
Ken Woodyard, E-commerce Administrator, Charlies Soap

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