Asheville Adventure Company


Asheville Adventure Company, the self-proclaimed “best dang guiding company in all of WNC,” offers exciting excursions like white water rafting trips and e-bike brewery crawls. Touting top-notch tour guides and unique experiences, they’re beloved by both Asheville locals and visitors alike.  

When reaching out to Volume Nine, Asheville Adventure Company was ready to take its brand to the next level. They were specifically looking for ways to increase booking during high-capacity tours on non-weekends. Digital Marketing hadn’t been pieced together by an increasingly busy in-house team, So V9 got to work right away.


Our solution was to create and implement a robust digital marketing strategy — complete with a revamped website, overhauled ad campaign, refreshed and new website content, a new blog, email marketing, and a solid social media presence.

We developed in-depth targeting strategies to help drive online bookings during underutilized booking times. From there, we dove deep into Asheville’s site and society. We overhauled their key content, fixed SEO red flags, and developed new content and imagery. 

Afterward, we turn our attention to the ad campaign, including:

  • Testing different forms of copy to increase click-through rate (CTR) and ad competitiveness
  • Researching and refining keywords to increase quality scores and improve ad rank
  • Improving bids and bid strategy to ensure we have the best possible ad ranking and lowest attainable cost.


In a little over a year, Volume Nine substantially lifted Asheville Adventure Company’s advertising return on ad spend (ROAS), doubled their CTR, and achieved a conversion rate 3x higher than their industry average. 

 Achievements included:

  • Boosting ROAS by 429% 
  • Doubling their CTR and achieving a new high of 12.44%
  • Beating the industry average during the most competitive time of year with triple the conversion rate at 4.07%


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