Paid Ads Help Increase Conversions By 138%

Taking over for another agency, Volume Nine improved an existing PPC and paid social strategy to increase conversions by 138%, drive over 93,000 thruplays on video ads, and increase clickthrough rate by 245%.

turing school

Turing School Success Story


Turing School came to Volume Nine because their current agency was closing. They had been running PPC and paid social ads for about a year, and seeing good ROI with them. They were looking for a partner to continue maintaining successful ads, as well as help them find new ways to innovate and reach beyond their current audience. Turing hoped that working with Volume Nine would help them grow awareness, fill up their classes, and increase the trajectory from their previous agency. 


Our solution was to take a more full-funnel approach with the Turing Ad accounts than the previous agency had. We integrated awareness specific campaigns, defined new audience segmentation, created video ads, and integrated extremely detailed targeting through customer lists on Facebook. 

We looked at what was working from the previous agency and then used this to lay the initial groundwork for our funnel. After analyzing the data over the first month, we slowly started to implement our strategy. Through this, we found the best method of growing awareness while keeping those individuals interested. 


Since we started working with Turing School, each cohort has reached capacity, satisfying one of their primary KPIs. Classes moving to a completely remote structure have contributed to an increase in numbers, and we are seeing up to 450 event responses on average for each Try Coding class.

The video we made to build brand awareness had a $.001 cost per thru play on Facebook, counted only when the video is completely watched. This was a huge win for the account – the video has over 93,000 thru plays so far and will keep seeing these returns in the future!

In PPC, we learned that display was the most successful way to drive conversions on Google. In Q1 of 2020, we saw a 138% increase in conversions and a 245.95% in clicks on the ads. Overall, the account saw a 43.12% decrease in Cost per Conversion through Q1 compared to the last quarter. The number of users to the site have seen steady growth since we took over the account – there was a 180% increase in users and a 182% increase in new users YOY from March to June:

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