Audit your Google Analytics account for tracking mishaps. 

Is your Google Analytics account cluttered, mistracking, or tagged incorrectly? Your analytics data can quickly become skewed and affect your business decisions. Do you need to clean up your Google Analytics account with a Google Analytics Audit?

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You May Require a Google Analytics Audit When:

  • You have an old account
  • You have numbers that make no sense
  • You have a suspicion that traffic isn’t attributed correctly
  • You haven’t implemented event tracking
  • You spend too much time analyzing your data every week
  • You need to make a business decision based on raw data

Here are a collection of items we analyze during your Google Analytics Audit

  • Basic Configuration – Is your account set up correctly?
  • Data Accuracy and Integrity – Can you trust your data?
  • Metrics & Traffic – Are any of your metrics off, indicating tracking problems?
  • Complete Data Capture – GA has a lot of features, are you taking advantage of them?
  • Conversions and Goals – Are you tracking activities that affect your bottom line?

Google Analytics Audits enable you to leverage your website’s data to make better business decisions. The team at Volume Nine is Google Analytics Certified and ready to help you become a master of data. Contact our team of experts today.

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