Revitalizing Sanity Solutions’ Online Presence for the Modern IT Era


Sanity Solutions has been a leader in the IT and data management space since 2004, catering to the needs of IT teams, data architects, and data scientists. However, their website content had not been updated for at least five years, making it outdated and misaligned with the current IT landscape, particularly considering the increased demand for remote work solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Volume Nine conducted semantic search and keyword research to drive a strategic plan to update Sanity Solutions’ website content. The goal was to make their main Solutions pages more relevant in the 2020s and promote blog content that showcases Sanity’s expertise in specific areas.


Sanity Solutions saw impressive results from Volume Nine’s content updates and SEO strategy:

  • Improved organic lead submissions by 50% YoY during their busy season (Q3 – July – September)
  • Increased organic viewership to the Migration solutions page by 180% YoY to support remote companies
  • Nearly doubled organic entrances to the Assessments (Sanity Checks) professional services page

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of Volume Nine’s approach in revitalizing Sanity Solutions’ online presence, better positioning them to address the modern IT landscape and connect with their target audience.

Example Re-Vamped Service Page:

Sanity Service Page Example

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