See the big picture in your Google Analytics Account. 

We live in a world with limitless data. The difficult part is using that data to grow your business and achieve better ROI.  Are you interpreting your website data accurately, to make critical decisions for your organization?

Web Data Analytics

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You Need a Data Junky

Our trained analysts are “data junkies” and they excel at helping you interpret numbers and trends. From setting up analytics dashboards to automating reporting to diving into shopping cart fall-out and multi-channel attribution, we can assist your business, solve problems, or find opportunities.

What Data Analysis Can Help Achieve

  • Reporting automation
  • Custom dashboards (through Google Analytics or Google Data Studio)
  • Traffic and KPI alerts
  • Channel/campaign analysis
  • Cost-per-acquisition
  • Multi-Channel conversion attribution

What to expect with your Data Analysis program

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Plenty of discovery and business alignment
  • Benchmarks & industry stats
  • Customized reporting to meet your needs
  • Regular meetings with senior data analysts
  • Prioritized recommendations based on your team and resources

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