TUUCI Success Story

Developing A New Audience

This campaign approach served as a method of moving TUUCI’s audience through the marketing funnel from awareness to consideration. To pull this off, we dove deep into a single unique differentiator in a way that the brand had never done before. This got past their surface-level messaging and helped to retarget and re-engage a familiar audience with new information. We also developed a unique campaign URL to track all progress for the campaign. 


The conscious consumer is a growing market in TUUCI’s industry. These consumers believe that what a product is made of is just as important as what it does, every day. This type of consumer doesn’t separate their personal beliefs in sustainability from what they purchase for their businesses, which made speaking to the quality and sourcing of TUUCI’s fabrics critical. They also wanted to emphasize their long-lasting promise. To make sure they were engaging with their conscious buyers at the local level, TUUCI wanted to see more conversions on their vendor locator pages, as well as an increase in calls. 

To make sure TUUCI’s conscious buyers felt heard and to position the brand as a trustworthy source of sustainable shade, V9 recognized three solutions: 

  1. Position Tuuci as an expert in this space by creating unique content 
  2. Gain additional rankings through continuous authority building
  3. Increase traffic and engagement metrics to TUUCI’s fabric page


Volume Nine knew that we needed to build a hyper-focused, single-product, content marketing campaign for TUUCI’s fabrics. This campaign followed a single product promise and spoke directly to the conscious consumer. 

Social Media and SEO

Using social media, we were able to drive both organic and paid traffic to TUCCI’s site. We also helped TUUCI solidify their keywords, as well as their optimization process for current and future content. The content development process involved the creation of a blog for the brand, as well as a few preliminary blogs to target keywords and hone in on the audience’s preferred messaging. Most of the content was FAQ-style, sharing information about what makes TUUCI fabric unique. 

Building Authority

As part of our social, search, and content initiatives, we also focused messaging on TUUCI’s environmental responsibility and awareness. Security badges for relevant industry organizations were also featured on the site to foster additional trust. 

In the end, this hyper-focused campaign really worked for TUUCI — and their conscious consumers. 

Measurable Results

With the help of a highly targeted campaign designed by V9, TUUCI gained:

  • 50.24% more organic traffic month over month 
  • 170.59% more organic conversions year over year
  • 864 conversions from their “Where to Buy” button 
  • 250% more clicks to their residential locator

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