Outside the Breadbox Success Story


Outside the Breadbox is a bakery in Colorado Springs that sold their products at their one bakery store location in Colorado, as well as in retail stores around the country like Natural Grocers and Sprouts. 

They launched their new e-commerce site in April 2020 to give customers the ability to order their products online for the first time and to make them available nationwide. They started with just two product lines: breads and bagels. 

Then they added in a mix & match build-your-own package option, which allowed customers to order a variety of six different products in one order with choices of breads, bagels, and crackers. They continually added more products to choose from to build their own combos/packages over time.


Our plan for Facebook & Instagram: 

  • Launched top-of-funnel campaigns to introduce, educate, and build awareness of OTB brand and products. This included boosted posts along with educational and testimonial videos.
  • Launched middle-of-funnel campaigns to drive qualified, potential customers to the website and get them engaged with the brand/products. 
  • Launched bottom-of-funnel conversion-focused campaigns that retargeted people we brought into the funnel as well as their existing customer lists. This was designed to get users to purchase OTB products on their newly launched e-comm site. 

At the beginning, we focused and allocated more budget on top and middle of funnel campaigns to increase awareness, exposure, and introduce new people to the brand and their products. Over the duration of the project, we evenly allocated the budget between awareness and conversions. 

Example Bottom of Funnel Ads


Carousel Ads on Facebook – We implemented a variety of different messages, speaking to what would motivate someone to make a purchase after their first few brand touchpoints 

OTB Facebook Carousel Ads

Discount Offer Code Campaigns 

We promoted a 5% offer to a bottom-of-funnel, high-intent retargeted audience to give them the incentive to purchase. This included cart abandoners, people who spent a lot of time on site but didn’t purchase, people highly engaged with ads, people who visited the website multiple times, and so on.


OTB Facebook Offer Ads


We were not sure what to expect from social media advertising since there wasn’t a  baseline of comparison for OTB’s new direct-to-consumer advertising.  However, we knew from previous experience with both CPG and food and beverage brands that we had to start with building brand awareness and increasing engagement with the target audience.  We also needed to do this on a limited budget to start.

Brand Awareness KPIs (Top of Funnel) 

  • 1,652,627 impressions 
  • $3.60 cost per 1,000 impressions
  •  9,948 link clicks 
  • $0.60 average cost per link click 

Audience Engagement KPIs (Middle of Funnel)

  • 3,908 reactions (likes, loves, etc.)
  • 281 saves 
  • 262 ad shares 


Once we got the word out and we saw engagement with the posted social media content, it was time to put offers in front of the target audience.  At first, the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) was a little lower than we expected but, with a few iterations of ad improvements, we raised the ROAS significantly while lowering the average cost per purchase.  

Conversion  KPIs (Bottom of Funnel):

  • 285 purchases on the website directly attributed to paid Facebook and Instagram ads
  • $16,953.59 in conversion value 
  • $2,970.12 total spent on conversion bottom of funnel campaigns
  • 5.60 average ROAS on conversion campaigns (5.6 to 1) 
  • The top-performing ad had a 7.24 to 1 ROAS
  • $10.65 average cost per purchase 
  • 386 Add to Carts from Facebook and Instagram ads 


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