Murad Success Story


Murad, an online retailer of high-end skincare products, is most well-known for its anti-aging and anti-acne product lines. But in this highly competitive industry, it can be difficult to get even the best products seen online. Why? Because a standard e-commerce page just won’t work with today’s users and search engines.

Despite their best efforts, Murad — like many in the eCommerce space — was struggling to improve organic traffic and conversions. Their content at the time was not highly targeted or optimized for singular products, and their marketing efforts lacked cohesion. When they brought V9 on board, the goal was to make Murad’s website more competitive while also leveraging their brand name and current marketing efforts to boost conversions.


Once enlisted, V9 quickly recognized that there was one unique aspect to Murad: a well-informed customer base. Women and men searching for these products tend to be much more well-informed and particular in their shopping habits. They also happen to be fiercely loyal to the brands they purchase from.

What did this mean for Murad? That getting their ideal audience onto a product page was only the first hurdle. Once a user arrived, the challenge then became holding their attention, offering something meaningful to them, and continuing to speak to them in a way that would continually move them down the funnel. V9 was up for the challenge, so we got started.


Because of Murad’s unique brand recognition and competition in the market, V9 knew that multiple techniques and channels would be needed to drive success. And that’s exactly what we did, leveraging keyword targeting, in-depth page reviews, product page optimization, and across-the-board integration to get Murad the results they really needed.

Targeted Pages & Keywords

To ensure maximum traction in search, V9 first systematically evaluated and targeted certain pages on Murad’s website. Our team also developed unique targeting, content, and messages to each user “pathway,” which eliminated confusion and mitigated competing, cannibalized search results for the brand.

Custom Page Reviews

Once pages were targeted properly, V9 then performed custom page reviews to ensure the content optimization matched and supported the newest targeting. This review included recommendations for:

  • SEO, including proper page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, keyword inclusion, etc.
  • Custom layouts for each product page and type
  • Optimizing all conversion aspects of a page to appeal to the user
  • Offering other appealing avenues and information to continue user journey through the site
  • Adding reviews for each product, as well as implementing structured data markup so star ratings show up in search results

Product Listing Pages

With this particular audience, V9 recognized that users wanted more than simple product information. We also knew this created an opportunity to create useful content at a category page level. It couldn’t just be filler content either – whatever lived on those pages needed to be valuable and informative, and true to the Murad brand.

Integration With All Channels

V9 also integrated and leveraged a number of channels to aid in Murad’s efforts. We trolled, researched, and analyzed Google Analytics to look for opportunities and trends that we could use for content, and we leaned into YouTube optimization. This included channel and video optimization, but also included recommendations for influencing organic traffic efforts. V9 also advocated for a strong social media presence for all top products, making it easy for Murad to connect pages, content, and campaigns down the road.


After V9’s multi-channel review and recommendations were put in place, assisted conversions for organic landing pages went up 120%. Murad also benefited from:

  • 9.5% increase in their eCommerce conversion rate
  • 14.89% improvement in their eCommerce transactions
  • 8.49% increase in eCommerce revenue
  • 33.38% jump in traffic
  • 34.26% more purchases
  • 67.77% increase in product revenue up 67.77%
  • 56.35% growth in unique purchases

We at V9 like to say that’s “not too shabby.” If you’re interested in growing organic traffic, increasing conversion rates, and improving the online user experience for your e-commerce brand, V9 is ready to help. Contact us today to get started.

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