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Implementing a social media strategy across multiple channels is time-consuming and draining, but needs to happen in order to grow your brand. When you hand us the reigns to your social media accounts, you can be sure that the content, copy, and messaging is strategy-driven. We’ll never post ‘just to post’.

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Social Media Management

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What to Expect from Social Media Management Services

When starting a Social Media Management program with Volume Nine, we’ll spend the first month of the program:

  • Defining and setting specific social media goals and KPI’s
  • Reviewing your current strategy, insights and industry trends
  • Optimizing your social media channels against best practices
  • Analyzing the strategy of your competition
  • Developing audiences, segments and buyer personas
  • Creating example messaging and content for different segments
  • Getting ready to take the reigns from you on social channels moving forward

Social Media Managment Includes

Facebook Calendars, Amplification & Management

  • Calendars & Execution: Each month, you’ll receive a calendar of strategy-driven posts for Facebook (number and types to be determined by strategy). All social posts will be created and developed to achieve the established goals and KPIs of your brand. Once approved, we will schedule posts for times when they will be most successful.
  • Amplification: We’ll use the posts we create during the month and develop boosting campaigns to highly tailored audiences that want to see your social media content.
  • Community Management: We’ll be monitoring and managing comments, messages, and user generated content on your social media page. We’ll answer what we can & get your input on things we can’t.

Supplemental Platforms & Community Management

We all know Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla in the social sphere, but there are other social platforms that your brand should utilize. We’ll work with you to define which channels are best for your brand and develop them as necessary. The social media platforms we can provide content and community management for:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SnapChat
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business

Monthly Reporting & Meetings

You’ll want to stay up to date on social media happenings and your brand’s social media success and opportunities. You’ll receive a monthly report that covers:

  • Results based on the Goals & KPIs that we initially established
  • Analytics relevant to the social media strategy we have implemented
  • Month over month or year over year comparisons

We’ll take these results each month and evaluate what is working, what is lacking and adjust the strategy, content and methods to reflect as much success as possible for your brand.

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