Google Ads Campaign Management

Google Ads now take up prime real estate in SERPs, which means that if your brand isn’t at the top, your traffic is suffering. To get seen first in search, you’ll need Google Ads. But creating Google Ads campaigns can be resource-intensive and ineffective if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why V9 offers dedicated, expert Google Ads campaign management.

What is Google Ads campaign management?

Today, Google Ads generates an inordinate amount of traffic and revenue for brands. So much so, in fact, that marketing teams dedicate over 35% of their ad spend just to Google ads. And yet, teams don’t have the tools or training they need to expertly execute their Google ad campaigns. They’re essentially throwing keywords and ad copy at the wall to see what sticks.

On top of that, these campaigns are notoriously messy and time-consuming for brands, especially when they don’t have expertise. Campaign management involves choosing your PPC keywords, structuring your campaigns, managing and refining keyword lists, creating ads, checking metrics and performance, selecting negative keywords, and optimizing ad copy for conversions — all while managing the other components of your marketing efforts. These campaigns also require more than a passing knowledge of the GoogleAds platform, which changes all the time.

That’s why brands opt for Google Ads campaign management, so they get more effective results, better ROI, and the conversions they really need to succeed. Our campaign managers take over the planning, execution, and monitoring of a brand’s Ads to make sure the campaigns are as effective — and streamlined — as possible.

What to expect from Google Ads campaign management

When it comes to Google Ads campaign management, V9’s team has developed a proven formula for ad conversion. Our first goal is to understand and outline the results you want and need from your As campaign. This phase of our campaign management will also involve working with your team to determine where new users will be funneled and what actions we want to encourage them to take, including landing pages, CTAs, and more. From there, we’re able to get a better picture of your campaign’s objectives, and provide projected cost and ROI forecasts.

Next, we compile keywords and traffic potential to develop campaigns that connect your products or services with how your targeted personas actually search. Our team will also work with yours to create unique campaigns for each product or service and each target audience to make each one as impactful as possible. We also set up Google Analytics and tags for accurate tracking, leveraging current best practices and our extensive Google training. Once Ad campaigns start, V9 gets laser-focused on tracking the performance by monitoring components such as keywords, ads, ad groups, negative keywords, and impressions so we can expertly guide ad spend and adapt to new insights.

Whether you want us to create and manage a new campaign or take the reins on an existing one, we’ll make sure your ads are targeted, effective, and measured. Best of all, V9’s management mavens create campaign reports that show PPC traffic, your best performing ads, as well as metrics like CTR, CPC, and all other relevant acronyms. In addition to showing you what’s working, we’ll be able to give you clear insights into what’s not working so you can shift that budget to something that actually gets you results.

By the end of your campaign, you’ll have higher paid traffic, a place in Google ad real estate, and ads that actually lead to conversions.

Is Google Ads campaign management right for your business?

On average, every dollar spent on Google ads draws in $2 of revenue. That being said, Google Ads doesn’t make sense for every business. If your business has a website with good content, a clear understanding of the value of sales or leads, and need results faster than other channels can deliver, Google Ads might be a great fit.

Call V9 – we are happy to walk you through our pricing, services and help determine if Google Ads makes sense for your business.

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