What is Technical SEO?

In simple terms, if SEO is like a house than technical SEO is the foundation.

SEO Foundation

Technical SEO is a fundamental component of a holistic optimization program that ensures your website adheres to search engine best practices (like Google Webmaster Guidelines). While technical SEO by itself won’t ensure your website ranks well in search, failure to stay on top of technical best practices can certainly prevent your website from ranking.

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Technical SEO – Generally The First Step In an SEO Program

Generally technical SEO analysis is the first step in most programs. At Volume Nine, first-time clients generally always undergo an initial technical review, followed by regular technical checkups throughout the course of an engagement. This review is usually part of our SEO audit takes 2-4 weeks for our team to complete (depending on the size of your website and the extent of issues found).

Why Volume Nine?

As Denver’s premier SEO agency, we have a very strong team bench for technical SEO and website analytics. Here’s some of the ways we offer top notch technical analysis, troubleshooting and consulting:

  • Cutting EdgeWe update our technical reviews regularly based on cutting edge best practices.
  • BenchWe have a deep bench of Advanced technical SEO on our team, including one of Google Webmaster Central’s top contributors.
  • Heartbeats behind ComputersWe are not reliant on automated auditing tools – every element of our review is completed by an SEO specialist.
  • Prioritized Recommendations: We don’t just give you a blanket list of stuff to go do, we help you think through what needs to be fixed now vs. later best on a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Easy To Understand: You probably don’t love talking about the differences between xml and html sitemaps. Don’t worry, we make technical SEO condensed and easy to understand for non-developers.

What’s Covered in our Technical Reviews

Our technical SEO review includes 40 elements across 6 major areas:

  1. Site Crawling
  2. Site Indexing
  3. Site Structure
  4. Site Speed
  5. Site Management

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