Brakes Plus Success Story


With a new website launch recently under their belt, Brakes Plus thought everything was going well — until they noticed that traffic was going down and their content seemed to be lowering in search rank. These were a key indicator of success, as their website listed each location across the nation. So if people weren’t finding their website and its various pages, the company had a big problem.

Once onboarded, V9’s SEO and website launch team assessed this situation and quickly found out why Brakes Plus new website launch had caused problems: they had no website launch support — or any SEO oversight of any kind. As a result, there was plenty of duplicate content across the website for each of the 50+ locations. V9’s SEO team knew this could hurt Brakes Plus ranking as well as reputation in search, so they immediately devised a plan to reverse the damage done.


V9’s first step to boosting Brakes Plus SEO was a comprehensive website audit that included technical SEO, content reviews, link audits, and local search reviews. From there, a SEO roadmap was developed that:

  • Found and offered solutions for technical issues
  • Optimized the entire website for both locations and services
  • Developed a link building strategy to build domain authority
  • Distributed local search information across a wide network of internet yellow page sites to gain local searches on both desktop and mobile phones

Using a multi-faceted SEO approach, it was easy for V9’s team to highlight areas of concern and work with Brakes Plus to resolve them. This led to a more streamlined website and a much more search-friendly sitemap. Best of all, it worked.


After our post-launch SEO support, Brakes Plus went from not ranking on Google to being ranking #1 for ‘brakes’ in the primary target market (Denver, CO). The campaign also resulted in increased non-branded organic traffic by 234% in one year — that’s a big number. This organic traffic increase was achieved by increasing the total number of keywords Brakes Plus targeted, growing from 537 keywords to 1,155 keywords in about 1 year through website SEO efforts and local profile optimizations.

Additionally, Brakes Plus started ranking in the “local pack” for localized search results, which is the most valuable real estate for a location-heavy company. Thanks to V9’s team of SEO experts, Brakes Plus was able to reverse any damage caused by their web launch — and even surpass previous growth metrics.

If you want results like that for your website, call us before your website launch. We’ll support you with website launch SEO services that make sure your website looks and ranks better than before.

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