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103 Gift Related Keywords for Your Ecommerce Holiday Campaign

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Many brands and retailers rely on holiday season gift giving sales for bottom-line success, and with the increasing popularity of online and mobile shopping, brands and retailers must take the following into consideration for their ecommerce holiday campaigns:

  • Holiday shopping starts way before Thanksgiving.
  • About 190 million U.S. consumers will blend online, mobile, and in-store shopping to make or inform their purchasing decisions this year.
  • Purchasers often “window shop” online. One result is an online purchase, but it also drives shoppers to local stores.
  • This is a prime customer acquisition and conversion opportunity!

Online marketing efforts will impact the success of most brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce websites. Constructing online gift shopping campaigns and product promotions, crafting effective descriptions and writing blog posts that generate traffic are going to be most fruitful when based on the keywords and phrases shoppers are actually searching for.

This work must be implemented with enough time for search engines to add any new content to their index, so starting early is playing it smart. The shopping has begun, people! Have you completed your holiday keyword research?

 Our Gift to You

Our Holiday Season Present to You…

Conducting keyword research for the holidays is time consuming, so we are gifting you a quick reference guide to gift related keywords = good opportunities for you! You can mix and match the ideas below or add your brand, product or location.

Gift Related Keywords and Phrases…

We’ve included the monthly search volume from for each search phrase in parenthesis. If there are one or more words in italics, they are not included in the given search volume.

The People In Our Lives Gift Keywords

Reading these may result in a longer personal shopping list. You’ve been warned.

  1. presents for mom (5,400)
  2. gift ideas for pregnant wife (320)
  3. stocking stuffers for husband (590)
  4. christmas gifts for sister in law (320)
  5. gifts for older brother (320)
  6. presents for grandpa (260)
  7. cute gifts for girlfriend (2,900)
  8. 12 days of christmas gift ideas for boyfriend (210)
  9. inexpensive christmas gifts for coworkers (720)
  10. gifts for your boss (1,900)
  11. gift ideas for couples (1,900)
  12. gifts for best friends (5,400)
  13. trending beautician gifts (90)
  14. gift for postman (30)
  15. christmas gifts for clients (210)
  16. gift ideas for neighbors (260)
  17. best teacher gifts under $30 (1,900)
  18. thanksgiving hostess gifts (390)
  19. secret santa gift ideas (12,100)

Types of People Gift Shopping Keywords

  1. gift ideas for pet lovers (110)
  2. stocking stuffers for kids (3,600)
  3. gifts for techies 2018 (-)
  4. great gifts for old people (1,000)
  5. geek gifts for her (8,100)
  6. unique gifts for those who have everything (260)
  7. christmas presents for 1 year old (390)
  8. holiday gift guide for nurses (3,600)
  9. gifts for craft beer lovers (320)
  10. beauty gift ideas for teenage girls (4,400)
  11. unique gifts for men (12,100)
  12. cool gifts for teen boys (6,600)
  13. toddler stocking stuffers (1,000)
  14. best gifts for football fans (260)
  15. awesome gifts for crafty people (170)
  16. baby boy gift baskets (1,000)
  17. gifts for travelers (5,400)

Types of Gifts Keyword List

There are as many types of gifts as there are products and people… this is a small sampling.

  1. fun stocking stuffers (590)
  2. best white elephant gifts (6,600)
  3. funky gifts (170)
  4. gifts for Hanukkah (170)
  5. gadget gifts 2018 (-)
  6. religious gifts for her (320)
  7. unusual christmas gifts (720)
  8. mail order food gifts (390)
  9. most popular gifts from santa (210)
  10. personalized christmas gifts (1,300)
  11. healthy stocking stuffers (90)
  12. sports gifts for kids (140)
  13. useful gardening gifts (2,400)
  14. buy games online for christmas (880)
  15. office gift ideas (1,300)
  16. unique xmas gifts (210)
  17. pet gift box (1,300)
  18. gag gifts for christmas (5,400)
  19. wine gift baskets (12,100)
  20. send Christmas flowers (110)
  21. most popular new toys for kids (260)
  22. trending kids toys (50)

Updated for 2018: “2018” Holiday Gift Giving Keyword Phrases

Many online “window shoppers” are simply searching for ideas – this is a great time to convert them into your customer.

  1. top 10 christmas gifts for dad in 2018 (-)
  2. 10 best holiday photo gifts (-)
  3. best selling books for 2018 gift giving (-)
  4. top 12 trending gifts for tween girls (-)
  5. this year’s top 20 gifts for toddlers (-)
  6. the best christmas gifts for men in 2018 (-)
  7. top gift ideas for women in 2018 (-)
  8. popular gifts for 10 year old girls (320)
  9. gift guide for grandparents (20)
  10. 2018 holiday gift guide for college students (-)
  11. 2018 kids gift wish list by age (-)

Cheap Shopper Gift Related Keywords

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, Free Shipping Day and Super Saturday have been called the “7 Best Discount Shopping Days of the Year”.  There is a lot of traffic at this time – online and offline! These shoppers are searching for deals.

  1. cheap christmas gifts (8,100)
  2. secret santa gifts under $5 (210)
  3. inexpensive hostess gifts (260)
  4. cool cheap christmas gifts (210)
  5. black friday travel deals (1,600)
  6. cyber monday jewelry deals (720)
  7. twenty gifts under $20 (2,900)
  8. christmas gifts on a budget (320)
  9. small business saturday denver (30) *replace your city name
  10. inexpensive christmas gifts for coworkers (720)

Luxury Gifts Keyword List

Not everyone is looking for a deal – many are searching for luxurious gifts, grand gift giving (that’s rough, yeah?).

  1. luxury baby gifts (590)
  2. luxury corporate gifts (210)
  3. luxury gift ideas (140)
  4. vacation gift ideas (170)
  5. gifts for rich people (140)
  6. extravagant christmas gifts (20)
  7. gifts with style (20)
  8. expensive gifts for men (720)
  9. luxury gifts for her (590)
  10. upscale gifts (40)

Local / Brick-and-Mortar Store Gift Shopping Keywords

  1. denver christmas shopping
  2. super saturday sale denver
  3. dinosaur toys denver
  4. denver restaurant gift cards

Promotional Keywords Related to Gift Shopping

Promotions are a great way to increase sales conversions. During the holiday shopping season people are seeking ways to save. It’s also the time of year when delivery punctuality and promises truly matter! Try these…

  1. gifts with free shipping (22,100)
  2. guaranteed delivery by Dec 23 (210)
  3. expedited shipping for gifts (9,900)
  4. makeup christmas clearance sale (320)
  5. holiday gift discount code (1,900)
  6. last minute holiday deals on gifts (260)
  7. free gift wrapping (210)
  8. email gift certificates (170)
  9. gifts with no payments until january (*)
  10. buy one get one free gift (4,400)

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Important Reminder: Mobile shopping is ever increasing, so it’s super important to make sure your website and product pages are the mobile friendliest.

Happy Holiday Keyword Shopping!