Don’t Improvise. Strategize. 

Your digital content marketing strategy should unify your website, blog, social channels, and email into one holistic strategy. Use owned, paid, and earned media to generate traffic, create buzz, earn links, and create signals beneficial to both search engine and social platform algorithms.

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Why Do I Need a Strategy?

You need a content strategy in order to connect and convert. Simply throwing up content on your website no longer works. That’s why our creative team gets to know your goals, audience, unique value, competitors, channels, and content opportunities. From here, we’ll share with you a 3-6 month plan. Then, it’s go time.

Typical Results

We are excited about the potential of creating your digital content marketing strategy and are continually amazed at the results driven by our ongoing programs. Shared below are key stats from the industry, as well as a selection of case studies from current Volume Nine clients:

The Power of a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Increase brand sentiment, make a few die-hard fan in the process.
  • Expand the top of your funnel and push users further into with content.
  • Drive ranking increases on a specific focus of keywords, products, or services.
  • Boost brand signals, which are a key element for improving and stabilizing SEO rankings.
  • Gain earned links and brand mentions which are critical for better rankings and organic traffic.
  • Leverage your followers on social media and your blog to attract more traffic and engagement.
  • Get more conversions, email signups, leads and sales from targeted campaigns.

Our Process

We work closely with you to develop this strategy because you know your brand best! Then, we take all necessary information back to our teams and brainstorm, review, plan, and strategize. Afterward, you get your digital content marketing strategy and we’re ready to charge forward.

Every 3-6 months, we revisit your strategy to make sure your goals haven’t shifted and our KPIs are met.

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