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9.5% increase in eComm conversion rate

Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum revenue up 67%

In a highly competitive ecomm space, it can be very difficult to make product and category pages optimized not only for Google, but more importantly, for users. We have highly targeted and customized dozens of pages for Murad to help them resonate with a very informed and specific customer base. The efforts from this work have seen organic conversions on the site rise 9.5% and organic traffic 34%.


Murad sells high-end skin care products online and through resellers such as Sephora. They are most well known for their anti-aging and anti-acne product lines. This highly competitive industry is a difficult space to do well in as an ecomm. There are many competitors, the products are relatively straightforward (thus making it difficult to be unique), there are many well known brands, and the general challenges of doing effective marketing for an ecomm are present.

One unique aspect of this industry is the customer base. Women and men searching for these products tend to be much more well-informed and particular in their shopping habits. A few specific characteristics of the Murad persona include someone who is:

  • Well informed about the various options in the marketplace.
  • Particular about exactly what they want.
  • Likely to spend significant time researching and comparing products and brands.
  • Likely to search across multiple online channels to gather information.
  • Familiar with, and loyal to, specific brands.

In other words, getting someone to hit a product page is rarely enough to generate a sale; and this is only the first hurdle. Once they have arrived, the challenge then becomes holding their attention, offering something meaningful to them, and continuing to speak to them in such a way that they will continue moving down the funnel.

All of these challenges are exaggerated on an ecomm page. While Murad’s product pages were generally first class, competitively speaking, they still had many of the age-old problems prevalent with so many ecomms, such as:

  • Thin or relatively simple content. Doesn’t speak well to the user’s specific needs.
  • Content which is not highly targeted and not well optimized for singular concepts. We saw much Google confusion in choosing the most appropriate page to rank.
  • General lack of engaging on-page elements.
  • A general lack of cohesion with other online marketing channels or marketing pages on the domain.

In spite of all these challenges, one of the major advantages for Murad was their brand presence. The brand is well known to a very loyal group of users. Generally speaking, Murad has a very positive reputation both offline and online. Additionally, this reputation shows up quite well in many other digital channels. This would be an advantage as we decided to leverage those channels to contribute to the general organic efforts.

Thus, the overall challenge for V9 was to figure out how to effectively optimize the site’s ecommerce pages given the challenges and industry competitiveness, while simultaneously leveraging the good brand name and other online marketing efforts Murad was already doing.


The strategy for Murad has required that we use multiple different techniques and channels to drive success. Given the complexities of the marketing problem, it only made sense to have a rather thorough, diverse solution set.

Highly Targeting Pages & Keywords Page Targeting

One of the major research components of our work has been to systematically evaluate and target the various pages on Murad’s website. How the brand views a page and how a user view a page can be two rather different things. This can be confusing to search engines, so we needed to highly target each unique URL to a specific audience (ie: keyword) in order to stay organized.

For example, Murad has a product line called Environmental Shield™ which can be found in two different places on the site: under ‘All Skincare’ and under “Anti-aging”. While the product listing pages are the same, the messaging and targeting of each is quite different given the different users. We helped uncover this situation (as well as many others like it), and ensured that each page consisted of unique targeting, unique content, and a unique message to the users. In this way, we not only avoided user confusion, but even more importantly, we helped mitigate cannibalization in the search results.

Custom Page Reviews

Once pages have been targeted properly, we then worked to provide custom page reviews to ensure that the content optimization matches and supports the targeting. For Murad, this has meant that we put an inordinate amount of time into each product to ensure it is fully customized, unique, and speaking to a user and their search intent. Together, we created a custom page review that included all necessary elements for the Murad team to implement optimizations as efficiently as possible. This includes things like:

  • Optimization: Proper page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and keyword inclusion in the copy.
  • Layouts & UX: Help create custom layouts for each product page and type.
  • CRO: Considering all conversion aspects of a page to appeal to the user.
  • Related Information: Getting as much content onto the page as possible to offer other appealing avenue for the user to travel to next.
  • Reviews: Ensuring the pages have as much review support as possible. And ensuring structured data markup is working so star-ratings show up in search results.

The bottom line is, a standard ecomm page just won’t work. As one of our SEO’s pointed out, “I mean, it’s your face you’re dealing with here!” The extra effort is completely worth it to the user, hence it was worth it to us.

Category & Product Listing Pages

The product pages aren’t everything. As we’ve noted, the user wants more info to look through than simple product information. Therefore, the opportunity to create useful content at a category page level is key. It couldn’t just be filler content either – whatever lived on those pages needs to be valuable and informative. This has been an ongoing effort for Murad to enhance the category and product listing pages to something beyond just a list of products.

Integration with All Channels

Despite all the fantastic on-site efforts, we knew they would not stand on their own. They had to be integrated with everything else in the digital space in order to make a full impact. A few of the ways we did this included:

  • Google Analytics (GA): We trolled, researched, and analyzed GA on an ongoing basis to look for opportunities and trends that we could use for content.
  • YouTube Optimization: Video is huge for Murad. We not only helped optimize their channels and videos, but we also came up with many different ways to ensure the video was directly supporting the organic efforts on the domain.
  • Social: We pushed for a strong presence on all top products to show up in social, thus creating a major link between the pages we were working on and the promotions of the Murad social team.

All of these efforts resulted in a spider-web effect with the Murad team. Suddenly they understood how organic and SEO are so interconnected with every aspect of the site and their daily sales operations. As a result, we found ourselves feeling more and more like a true partner able to consult against and support each of the unique channels.

Team Member Selection: Another more ‘human’ aspect of our work revolved around team selection. Given the very niche nature of this product, we made an effort to assign a team who we felt would understand the brand and resonate with them. Not only that, but the team has been consistent for the long term which allowed them to be intimately involved with the brand. We have felt this has made a huge difference.


Bottom Line: The assisted conversions (the # of conversions for which the channel appeared on the conversion channel path) for organic landing pages are up 120%.

General Organic Ecomm Stats

organic ecomm stats

  • 9.5% increase in ecomm conversion rate
  • 14.89% improvement in ecomm transactions
  • 8.49% increase in ecommerce revenue

Organic Product Performance

organic ecomm stats2

  • Traffic up 33.38%
  • Purchases up 34.26%

Top Product Results (Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum)

organic ecomm stats3

  • Product Revenue up 67.77%
  • Unique Purchases up: 56.36%