Brand Building Campaign

Your brand isn’t just logos or colors; it’s how you engage with customers, the experience you provide, and the message you promote. But without brand building, you won’t be able to share exactly what makes your business different. That’s why V9 offers brand building campaigns to ensure your brand is heard loud and clear — and so it’s always seen by the right people.

What is a brand building campaign?

A brand is how your business is represented in the world. It goes beyond the logo or color schemes and, instead, should be threaded through everything your business does. From the feel of your website to your customer service to your packaging and content, your brand is what tells customers “This is us.” And when done right, a brand should make your business recognizable from a distance. But just strong visual branding isn’t the same thing as a strong brand. Instead, you need to ensure your brand is reflected in everything your business does.

A brand building campaign will leverage elements like web design and UX, SEO, content marketing, paid and social advertising, emails, and more to make sure your brand is cohesive, and to make sure people are actually seeing it. Understanding who that target audience is, how your brand speaks to them, and where they’re most likely to engage with you are also part of a brand building campaign. To do that properly, however, it requires expertise and knowledge of today’s digital landscape.

What to expect from a brand building campaign

At V9, our brand experts understand that having a beautiful brand isn’t enough. Instead, you need to put it out there and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s why we work with you to create a brand building campaign that focuses on:

  • On-brand status: We offer an audit of your assets, including your website, social media, newsletters, and any sort of consumer-facing communication to ensure it’s “on brand.” This goes beyond visuals and includes your brand messaging, tone of voice, and more.
  • Unique, solid personas: You can’t boost your brand if you don’t know who your brand is for, so we help you create personas that will guide the rest of the campaign with targeted personas that increase impressions in the right areas.
  • Brand collateral: From a brand statement to an elevator pitch, V9 will make sure that your brand is reflected in every facet of your operations. This may also include creating a brand voice and style guide that ensures communications, content, and even customer service are reflective of your brand.
  • Actionable strategies: A quick ad boost may get you a bit more traffic, but it won’t benefit you over the long run. That’s why V9 branding experts will create an actionable plan that guides future content, marketing campaigns, communications, and more to ensure that your brand is being accurately reflected. The brand building campaign will also include easy-to-implement fixes that can boost your brand in search, encourage stronger social media followings, and encourage customers/clients to keep coming back.

Is a brand building campaign right for your business?

Consumers are inundated with over 5,000 ads a day. If you want your brand to make a noise above the din, your business needs a brand building campaign. Even the strongest brands in the world are continually striving to keep their name “top of mind” for consumers because they know it can take 5 to 7 impressions before someone will remember a brand… and consumer memory is short. V9 takes that very seriously, which is why our brand building campaigns are designed to tell your ideal audience that you’re still around — and you’re not going anywhere.

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