44,889 New Facebook Followers in 4 Months

Social media can feel overwhelming and lackluster for many brands. Vitamin World was in a similar boat when they realized their social media campaigns were getting them minimal results.

But thanks to V9’s social media advertising services, Vitamin World was able to increase social conversions for by 135% in just 4 months. Our social media strategists also worked with the Vitamin World team to increase: Facebook fans by 2,557% Brand mentions jump 936% Social referral traffic to the website by 416%

Vitamin World Success Story


Vitamin World, an online provider of vitamins, supplements, and general nutrition products, operates in a highly competitive e-commerce space. Prior to working with V9,  Vitamin World was in the midst of a broad social media marketing campaign with goals of increasing brand awareness and exposure, growing their followers for remarketing opportunities, and increasing targeted web traffic. Unfortunately, they weren’t seeing the traction or ROI they wanted.

That’s when Vitamin World recruited V9. To improve conversions and ROI, V9 quickly concluded that paid social media advertising presented a very unique opportunity for Vitamin World: it would allow them to get very specific and targeted. The challenge was to develop unique strategies that would resonate across each level of the brand’s social funnel.

V9’s social media team, alongside Vitamin World, rose to the challenge by crafting and executing a targeted social funnel strategy.


The solution V9 developed for Vitamin World focused on targeting users at the top, middle, and bottom of the social funnel. For each respective level, V9’s social strategists identified a unique audience, message, and techniques that would connect specifically to that group. Ads were then disseminated across all major social media channels, reaching these targeted audiences with strategic accuracy.

Top of the funnel: People who fit the Vitamin World persona but were unfamiliar with the brand. The message for this group revolved around promoting a lifestyle, not products. The goal for this part of the funnel was to grow Vitamin World’s brand recognition.

Middle of the funnel: People who were much more familiar with the brand and had some level of engagement with it already. V9 used very specific and targeted ads based on the content pages users had visited. The goal for the middle of the funnel was to build credibility and authority, both in the industry and in the minds of consumers.

Bottom of the funnel: People who had previously purchased from Vitamin World or had recently abandoned a shopping cart. V9 also realized that a healthy proportion of bottom of funnel customers were in proximity to an actual Vitamin World location. As such, local awareness campaigns were run for those in proximity to a store.


Thanks to expert social media guidance and targeted multi-persona campaigns, V9 was able to get the traction Vitamin World needed. Thanks to different these efforts, Vitamin World received:

  • Over 62,000 new page likes
  • 8,500 additions to their email list
  • Over 47,500 visits to the website
  • Over 5,250 initiated checkouts (over 10,000 after re-marketing)

Combining all campaigns across the funnel, Vitamin World’s conversions from social media increased 135% year over year within the first 4 months of working with Volume 9.

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