DISH Success Story


When V9 first hopped onboard with the DISH website launch, our SEO and technical team immediately recognized three of the biggest obstacles:

  • The primary domain was changing from to
  • Customer service was being removed from the main website to
  • The website needed to support the new brand of ‘DISH’ even though search would continue for DISH Network.’

This meant that a massive site would need to be redirected upon launch, that clear efforts to maintain customer service traffic would need to be made, and that branding efforts to establish the company as DISH would need to start now. The V9 team decided the best defense would be to focus on keyword rankings and a strong plan of execution to ensure strong SEO best practices were used during the transition.


V9’s strategy for DISH’s site launch was to defend all current keyword rankings across the new domains. A comprehensive keyword discovery process identified over 600 keywords, which were then mapped to new pages on the site. Then, that content was optimized to support the target keywords to ensure no ground was lost in SERPs. In addition, technical best practices were reviewed continuously during the pre-launch process to ensure that linking, metadata, and redirections were implemented properly. This reduced glitches during the launch phase and made it possible for DISH to get the results they needed from their new website — plus some.


During the two months that V9 supported DISH’s new website launch, the company not only saw their keyword rankings remain intact — they also saw an 18% increase in traffic post-launch. Post-launch optimization continued for up to 6 months after launch and DISH continued to see traffic improvements for non-branded keywords.

One of the most overlooked components of a website redesign or re-launch is SEO. Don’t let all your hard work and rankings go to waste. V9 can help you, just like we helped DISH. Contact us to learn more about our website launch SEO support.

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