Data-Driven Decisions!

Smart business decisions start with smart data analysis that helps you understand trends, identify opportunities, and establish KPIs. We help you understand your data in a more thorough way so your team can implement solutions faster and smarter.

Google Analytics Audit

The best marketing decisions are the ones based on real, cold-hard data. But what happens if your data isn’t right? We know that Google Analytics can get messy fast, which is why we offer a Google Analytics audit to streamline tags, models, attributions, and more. A Google Analytics audit also ensures you’re using the right data to guide decisions that impact your bottom line.

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Google Analytics Troubleshooting

Without data, today’s brands can’t thrive. Unfortunately, though, setting up Google Analytics systems can be overwhelming at best. And, if done incorrectly, a brand can kiss their data collection goodbye. We offer Google analytics troubleshooting that dives into your analytics dashboard, testing and tweaking to ensure your brand can track, retain, and report on the data that drives your marketing spend.

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Analytics for E-Commerce

Good data makes good e-commerce. You need to leverage your analytics data to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your e-commerce brand… but when you’re not analyzing it properly, you’re wasting its power. We analyze your past and present e-commerce data to drive guide future campaigns with the intent of making it easier for visitors to click “Buy” — faster than ever.

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Data Analysis

Who runs the world? Data. And if you’re a business operating in today’s world, you’ll need data to make the impact (and revenue) you want. Unfortunately, though, data is pretty much limitless. So which data sets are most important to your business, and how do you collect and interpret that data for better conversions and higher ROI? Our data analysis services can help you find out.

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Analytics for Reach Out & Read

We hired Volume Nine in early 2019 to lead a Technical Google Analytics Audit, and they far exceeded our expectations… I felt heard throughout the entire process, and the results of the audit will significantly impact the way we operate and our understanding of our audience.

-Maureen Maycheco, Communications Director at Reach Out & Read

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