Analytics for E-Commerce

Good data makes good e-commerce. You need to leverage your analytics data to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your e-commerce brand… but when you’re not analyzing it properly, you’re wasting its power. We analyze your past and present e-commerce data to drive guide future campaigns with the intent of making it easier for visitors to click “Buy” — faster than ever.

What is analytics for e-commerce?

In today’s online world, data is an e-commerce brand’s best friend. Not only does it help advise marketing efforts, but it helps pinpoint where in the funnel your potential buyers are getting lost. With e-commerce analytics, you can track, monitor, and report on where visitors are going, what they’re engaging with, and what is most likely to convert them.

But the key is setting up an analytics system that allows you to collect the most important data. That means working with an e-commerce analytics expert who can ensure your data is accurate and point to the products and funnels that help grow your business.

Analytics for e-commerce can also help a brand pinpoint:

  • Which products sell well
  • Which products are best suited for your customer base
  • Which products are supported by your marketing efforts
  • Revenue per transaction and the number of products per transaction
  • How long it takes customers to make a purchase
  • Your top-performing channels
  • Product trends that should be leveraged
  • Content strategy for the website based on existing site traffic trends

An e-commerce brand that can assign data to all of that is unstoppable… but setting up enhanced e-commerce analytics — especially with a universal tool like Google Analytics — isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why brands call the intrepid team at V9.

What to expect from analytics for e-commerce

Enhanced e-commerce analytics tools, such as Google’s Universal Analytics, offers up a goldmine of valuable information about users’ purchases and shopping behavior. This robust e-commerce add-on allows you to measure how customers interact with products throughout their shopping experience, but it takes a special touch to execute (and translate) correctly.

V9’s team of e-commerce savants are expertly trained in Google’s analytic systems, which means they can create and calculate:

  • Custom analytics dashboards to better understand product sales trends
  • Channel/campaign analysis to justify marketing programs
  • Critical e-commerce KPIs (e.g. cost-per-acquisition or year over year revenue)
  • Cart abandonment analysis
  • Multi-channel conversion attribution
  • Projection models
  • … and more

Our e-commerce Google Analytics consulting can help you troubleshoot your current analytics setup if you find that your system isn’t tracking the right data, or tracking at all.

But most of all, when you call on us, you get analytics for your e-commerce site that is aligned with your business goals, set with benchmarks and industry stats, and designed to focus and report on your most important KPIs. You get a dedicated account manager with exceptional e-commerce knowledge, a senior team member and, as a result, constant monitoring of key metrics and red flags.

Our clients always know their analytics are in good hands because we’re on watch, and because we create customized reports that highlight priority recommendations for e-commerce analytics efforts, so you can get higher ROI faster.

Is analytics for e-commerce right for your business?

E-commerce sales have topped $500 million a year in the United States, and over $2 trillion (yeah, with a T) worldwide. If you’re an e-commerce brand looking to increase sales and reduce complexity in your marketing, analytics for e-commerce is vital. V9’s team of e-commerce and analytics experts work together to ensure you’re collecting the right data, leveraging it properly, and streamlining the process from campaign to conversion. Make it easy on your marketing team: call V9.

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