Google Analytics Audit

The best marketing decisions are the ones based on real, cold-hard data. But what happens if your data isn’t right? We know that Google Analytics can get messy fast, which is why we offer a Google Analytics audit to streamline tags, models, attributions, and more. A Google Analytics audit also ensures you’re using the right data to guide decisions that impact your bottom line.

What is a Google Analytics audit?

A Google Analytics audit is the assessment and improvement of a brand’s current tracking implementation, dashboard configuration, and data use. Essentially, these audits take into account how your Google Analytics dashboard is set up, how it tracks users, and what sort of tagging or attribution model is most useful. An audit can also help you pinpoint improper tracking designs and reverse them, so you don’t have to worry about interpreting the wrong data. Most of all, a Google Analytics audit will help you cut through the noise that is the Google Analytics dashboard so that you know exactly which filters, models, and reports to use to guide decisions that are most important to your brand’s goals.

What to expect from a Google Analytics audit

V9’s team of Google Analytics pros can help you better understand and leverage your data with a Google Analytics audit. During this process, our experts will work with you on your basic configuration to determine if the account was properly set up, as well as assess the accuracy and integrity of the data your dashboard has already collected.

At this point in the audit, our team will also be able to look at your metrics, including traffic, conversions, acquisitions, and more to pinpoint and address any tracking problems. We’ll also work with you to ensure you’ve got a process for complete data capture; using Google Analytics’ many features and tools to provide the most targeted and up-to-date data for your efforts. And, most importantly, we’ll help you evaluate your conversions and goals inside Google Analytics, making sure that everything is designed to track your business’s actual goals and KPIs, rather than some cookie-cutter report that offers generic insights.

We’ll also make sure to “clear your dashboard of clutter,” giving you streamlined insights into the data you really need so you can cut down on misleading data or non-targeted findings. Our Google Analytics experts always bring their (G)A-game to each audit, applying their industry-leading knowledge and ongoing Google training to everything they do.

Is a Google Analytics audit right for your business?

Are you wondering if your Google Analytics account is tracking what you really need, or do you seem to be pulling data that makes no sense? V9’s Google Analytics audit can help. We also help you get to the root of attribution problems, implement event tracking, and guide decisions based on real data. If you’re using Google Analytics to guide your marketing efforts online (as you should be), arm yourself with a Google Analytics audit to ensure you’re getting the most accurate picture of your online presence — without staring at a dashboard all day.

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