Social Media Panel

Special thanks to the great panel of Paige Mitchum, Denise Day, and Carly Hofstedt.  They shared their experiences and expertise into how they’ve added social media to their marketing mix to improve brand awareness and bottom-line sales.

Natchcom Social Media Workshop

September 30th, 2019 @ 8 AM | Alfafala’s Community Room

Natchcom brings together the natural products we stand behind with the digital marketing minds we’ve come to love. At Volume 9, we’ve presented at or sponsored Natchcom several times over the past few years.  

This year, we had the unique opportunity to present at Natchcom’s Fall BootCamp. We also had the opportunity to work one-on-one with the participants as they strategized and discussed new ideas for marketing in the industry, especially in regard to social media.

Slides – Social Media Funnels

V9 Founder, Chuck Aikens, spoke about our approach to social media using content funnels and how paid and organic strategies can, and should, work together to move users down the path toward conversion.  

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Slides – Data Analytics & Campaign Tracking

Just like with any other marketing tactic, measuring, reporting, and attribution is critical in social media. Richard Lesher presented on utilizing and maximizing Google Analytics reporting. He touched on everything from goal setting (and tying on-site activity back to dollars) to technical elements, like default channel groupings and UTM parameters to help get the most out of your reporting. 

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Natural Foods Industry Panelists

After the presentations, 3 panelists answered questions about how social media plays a part in their marketing strategies. The panelists were:

Special thanks to the panelists because they started some great discussions and had some amazing insights and advice for other companies in the industry. They really dove into how they’ve added social media to their marketing mix to improve engagement, awareness, and bottom-line sales. They also added a unique perspective because they all came from different corners of the industry. 

Small Group Breakout Session

After the panel, we broke out into groups to discuss things like strategies with a low budget or small following, and how to use social media to activate your audience for new products or store openings. We also discussed how to relate marketing goals back to business goals and how to keep track of the UTM parameters Richard discussed. In these small groups, we also shared some useful templates for attendees to use.

Workshop Group Templates

We had a great time presenting and getting to work through some strategies with clients in Boulder. If you’re interested in learning more about the event or have questions about the resources we provided, drop us a line

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