Launch Support – DISH Network Saw 18% Increase in Organic Traffic


DISH Network engaged Volume 9 for its new website launch in January 2013. Over a period of 2 months, we worked with various agencies and DISH teams to ensure that SEO rankings remained in place during the re-launch and that traffic and activation levels remained stable.


There were a number of significant challenges as the primary domain was not only changing from to, but customer service was also being removed from the main website to In addition, the website needed to support the new brand of ‘dish’ even though searches would continue for ‘dish network’.


Our strategy was to defend all current keyword rankings across the new domains. A comprehensive keyword discovery process identified over 600 keywords that were then mapped to new website pages and the content was optimized to support the target keywords. In addition, technical best practices were reviewed continuously during the pre-launch process.



DISH not only saw their keyword rankings remain intact during the new website launch, they also saw an 18% increase in traffic post-launch. Post launch optimization continued for up to 6 months after launch and DISH continued to see traffic improvements for non-branded keywords.