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Every Great Social Media Strategy Starts with Listening.

Social Media Listening

Your brand, your services, your industry and your competitors are being talked about online. It’s critical to monitor, observe and analyze these conversations to formulate a data-driven strategy for your social media content. 

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Social Media Listening

social media listening monitoring


  • Industry Relevant Conversations
  • Insights on New Emerging Topics & Themes
  • Potential New Audience Segments
  • What the Competition & Their Followers are Saying
  • What Relevant Influencers are Saying
  • How Audiences of Influencers are Responding to Topics
  • What’s Being Said About Your Brand
  • The Sentiment Towards Your Brand & Relevant Topics
  • Pain Points from Potential & Existing Customers


Once we’ve listened to all these things and analyzed the conversations, we’ll be able to build multiple audience segments for your brand. Each target audience will be based on what the users care about, where they’re at in the buyer’s journey and what content will resonate best with them.


We will take what we’ve learned from analyzing the conversations and create compelling social media content that will capture the attention of each of your audience segments in order to speak to them in a meaningful way. We’ll use social listening data to create a strong social media strategy for content we intend to post on various social media platforms.

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