Westline Village Success Story


West Line Village is a brand-new community in Lakewood, featuring 175 modern townhomes in a transit-oriented neighborhood, just five stops from downtown Denver. A modern haven that has something to offer urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, West Line Village is a place to relax and recharge, entertain, and explore all that Colorado has to offer.

Partnered with Highland Development Company, West Line Village was a promising community that needed to attract the right type of buyers.


Our Plan for Google Advertising

We knew with West Line’s limited advertising budget available, Google Display Ads would be a great way to build awareness using the strong imagery they already had of their community. Leveraging existing demographical data, as well as diving into additional research, we were able to craft three campaigns targeting very specific demographics:

  1. Colorado Awareness
  2. Outside of Colorado Awareness
  3. Retargeting (BoFu)

Example of Google Display Ads


Our Plan for Content Marketing

  • Position West Line Village as an expert in the space
  • Attract qualified buyers through highly researched and keyword optimized blog content
  • Retarget organic blog traffic via Google Display Ads to increase conversions

Content Marketing Success

Through our blogging efforts, we were able to win a nationally featured snippet for the keyword townhouse vs single family. This one blog post alone drives over 1,000 users to the website every month.

Westline Village Snippet


We knew that, with a new property like West Line Village, building awareness had to be our first priority. Google Display Ads offered us a unique opportunity to drive new users to the website for approximately $0.50 while also showcasing beautiful images of the property. We knew from experience that finding qualified buyers would be difficult, so we spent a significant amount of time researching and optimizing our targeting.

2020 Paid Advertising Brand Awareness KPIs (Top of Funnel)

  • 14,358,621 impressions
  • $0.77 cost per 1,000 impressions
  • 22,024 link clicks
  • $0.50 average cost per link click

The other challenge we knew from experience is that building credibility is crucial. Blogging allowed us to overcome this challenge. We began publishing several blog posts each month with a focus on covering topics with extreme relevance and strong monthly search volume locally and nationally.

2020 Organic Growth KPIs

  • 13,525 new users
  • 17,059 sessions
  • 1:32 average session duration
  • 69 form submissions

Once we got the word out and began driving new users to the website, it was time to retarget this traffic with our bottom of funnel Google Ads. Staying top of mind allowed us to drive approximately 10 form submissions per month, keeping the West Line Village sales pipeline full. They were also able to sell all 175 townhomes over a year ahead of schedule.

2020 Conversion KPI (Bottom of Funnel)

  • 122 form submissions

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