Tire Kingdom’s Engaging Sumitomo Tire Campaign


Tire Kingdom (TBC) is a tire sales and vehicle servicing company operating primarily in Florida and select states nationwide. They had a unique challenge due to their relationship with Sumitomo, a tire manufacturer. Tire Kingdom needed to increase engagement and awareness of the Sumitomo tires available in their stores, targeting car owners in their service areas.


Volume Nine devised an entertaining and interactive solution to engage potential customers and spread awareness of Sumitomo tires. In October, we created a car costume contest, developing four graphics featuring different car costumes: a Witch, a Mummy, a Vampire, and a Princess. Each car costume had a name and a brief, fun backstory.

To incentivize participation and promote Sumitomo tires, we offered a free set of Sumitomo tires to the contest winner. Participants entered the contest by voting for their favorite car costume, ultimately choosing “Wander the Witch” as the winner.


The campaign achieved impressive results for both Tire Kingdom and NTB, as evidenced by the following data points:

Tire Kingdom:

  • Total entries: 3,483
  • Page views: 9,146
  • Social engagements: 134% month-over-month increase (across all platforms)
  • Organic Facebook impressions: 67.3% month-over-month increase


  • Total entries: 7,221
  • Page views: 18,117
  • Social engagements: 293.2% month-over-month increase (across all platforms)
  • Organic Facebook impressions: 59.5% month-over-month increase

Princess - Tire Kingdom

Vampire for Tire Kingdom

Witch - Tire Kingdom

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