Social Media Conversions Went Up 1,500%

Thanks to V9’s deep dive on their audience and funnels, B4’s social media ad CTR reached 2.43%, CPC went down to $0.40, and conversion rates went up 1500%. In fact, their engagement rate on this campaign was 32.96%, which is way higher than 6% “high engagement” industry benchmarks.

B4 Adventure Success Story

B4Adventure knew their new line, American Ninja Warrior products, needed promotion to be successful. They also knew they needed to align their product promotion efforts and their holiday sales to strengthen the customer journey.


Audience Funnels

After our initial discovery meeting with B4, our team knew that we needed to create a strategy to gain awareness of their products to a specific target audience. That target audience included outdoor-enthusiast parents who had related interests, and we also built off lookalike audiences that B4 was already engaged with. We then created a funnel for each different audience, with outdoor enthusiast parents and lookalikes at the top, retargeting engaged social media users and website visitors in the middle, and high-intent, ready to purchase users at the bottom. This more streamlined funnel made it easy to create ads on Facebook and Instagram that encouraged users to check out B4’s products, and to engage with their brand. 

Campaign Language and Visuals

The campaign message was also critical to their social media success: It was centralized around getting kids active and outside — rather than be on their iPads or phones. This really spoke to those outdoor-enthusiast parents, who enjoyed seeing the B4 brand “speak their language.” 

Once we had our finger on the audiences, we also created one-of-a-kind ads to attract those top of the funnel users. These ads ran in multiple formats on both Instagram and Facebook, alternating between carousel ads, single image ads, slideshows, videos, and Stories. Those ads were getting engagement and more brand touchpoints, which allowed us to build a huge pool of users to retarget. 


Retargeting was one of the most critical parts of B4’s campaign. By retargeting engaged users with ads on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to keep the company top of mind, and we also incentivized their journey with sales, discounts, and offers for the products. The messaging at this stage of the funnel was still focused on keeping kids and families active, constantly drawing engagement from those parents who really resonated with B4’s message.


Overall, B4’s social campaign was a massive success. There was a lot of hype around the ads and posts, and engagement was at an all-time high for them. In fact, their engagement rate on this campaign was 32.96%, which is way higher than 6% “high engagement” industry benchmarks. The ads and posts accrued 3.1 million impressions, and conversions from Facebook and Instagram went up 1,500%. 

On top of that, B4 gained:

  • 1.05 million impressions
  • 16,919 link clicks (between Amazon and their website)
  • 2.43% CTR (The average is 0.35%!)
  • $0.40 CPC 
  • 26 direct buyers (rather than through Amazon) with a conversion value total of $2,440.02 

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