Myron, a company offering customized promotional products and gifts in the industry, needed to pivot their market approach from a predominantly eCommerce transactional model to a more nuanced, value-based selling strategy. Targeting small to medium-sized business owners, HR executives, executive assistants, and event planners, Myron aimed to transition its brand voice, particularly on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, to resonate more effectively with a B2B audience.


The objective was clear: transform Myron from being perceived merely as a vendor of promotional pens into a reputable, relationship-oriented brand that stands as a one-stop shop for bulk promotional products and gift orders. This strategic shift entailed a significant overhaul of their social media content to incorporate educational material about custom products, best brand marketing practices, and industry-related topics to foster engagement and establish a knowledgeable brand persona.


Implementing this new social media strategy, executed with the expertise of V9, yielded remarkable results in just a few months. In April 2022, only the second-month post-implementation, Myron witnessed a 102.7% month-over-month increase in total engagements and a 107.6% increase in total impressions on Facebook. Notably, organic impressions soared by 78.4%, and sessions to the site from social media surged by 68.38%.

102.7% month-over-month increase in total engagements

During the first three months of collaboration with V9, they brought about a 35.4% increase in Facebook organic impressions and a 31.7% uplift in overall engagements compared to the prior period. Furthermore, net Facebook page likes increased by 64.5%, with organic likes growing by 51.4%.

On LinkedIn, the results were equally impressive. In the first four months, organic shares rose by 137.5%, and post clicks increased by 50.6% compared to the previous period.

By aligning its social media strategy with its business objectives, Myron established itself as a thought leader and trusted partner in the promotional products industry, enhancing its brand value and customer engagement.

Myron sample social post 2

Myron sample social post

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