Boosting BPI’s Social Media Presence for Greater Green Initiatives Impact


BPI is a company focused on certifying compostable products, aiming to help businesses expand their green initiatives and engage consumers in composting. However, BPI faced a significant challenge with minimal to non-existent followings on their social media platforms, which hindered their ability to reach and engage with their target audience effectively.


Volume Nine recognized that a primary issue with BPI’s social media presence was the need for more relatable and engaging content. To address this, we developed content to encourage potential followers to interact with posts and follow the page, thus increasing BPI’s reach and visibility across different platforms.


Since beginning the campaign in June 2021, BPI has experienced significant growth in followers on each platform, which were largely stagnant before:

  • LinkedIn: 187% growth (increased from 2,564 in 2021 to 7,360 in 2022)
  • Facebook: 51% growth from 2021 to 2022

These results demonstrate the success of Volume Nine’s organic social media strategies in helping BPI expand its online presence, better connect with its target audience and ultimately create a more significant impact in promoting green initiatives and composting.

Example Posts:

BPI example

BPI example 1

BPI example 3

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